CAB Preview for 2013-2014

Concerts, koozies, and Catching Fire–these are just the start of what Campus Activities Board has in-store for this year. CAB wanted to plan events that add to the students’ Mississippi College experience and promote campus community.

CAB took the summer to learn from previous events and looked for new areas to build campus community. After understanding what worked well and what did not, they planned new events and revised the old ones.

CABThis year, CAB plans to give out food and school spirit items at certain home football games. They are excited to give away foam tomahawks, Choctaw pins, and food from Chick-fil-A–just to name a few. Events like these promote school spirit and encourage those attending and participating in MC Football.

To help create more of an atmosphere in The Commons, CAB is providing live music and coffee the second Friday of each month.  CAB has MC students scheduled to perform and hope that this will create the hangout spot MC students were wanting.

CAB has also planned a number of smaller events that focus on giving back to MC students. They want students to feel as if there is always something to do–something that adds to the college experience.

This year, Choctaw Fest will be on Saturday, November 16th, which was scheduled on a weekend in response to students repeatedly asking for weekend events.

This particular Saturday is a Preview Day so campus will be full of activity, and a large number of students will be staying on campus. CAB believes this is a great first step towards weekend events.

CAB will be hosting a Catching Fire midnight premiere on November 21st at UA 10 Clinton.  They have plans to make this event even bigger and better than last year’s Hunger Games midnight premiere.

Thoughts and planning have already begun for Lighting of the Quad, and CAB will be doing its best to top the homemade Christmas tree lot from last year.  December 3rd at 8:30 p.m., we hope to see you on the Quad for the event.

This year’s Winter Welcome Week will feature five days of events.  Look for another round of CAB’s Neon Dodge ball in this week of events!

Beignets and Blues is being upgraded to a full Mardi Gras Festival.  CAB has plans to bring the French Quarter to you on your very own Brick Streets.

As always, mark your calendars for Spring Fever Week, March 22nd through the 28th.  There will be more details closer to time, but it is always a week worth making time for.

There are numerous other events to be looking for and to make sure to attend. They have a packed year planned for MC and we hope you love it. To see all of CAB’s events, make sure to get a Student Activities Calendar and use it!

Like their Facebook page (MC CAB Events) to get event details and to see photos from the events. You can also follow them on Twitter (@MC_CABevents) to get reminders of events, be the first to know the details about special events, and have chances to win prizes throughout the year. Do It Like A Choctaw!

– Moriah Chitwood, Contributing Writer


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