From the Editor…

If you are familiar with the Collegian, then you probably noticed we have changed a few things with the layout and content. If you are new around here or just have not had the chance to pick up a copy of the paper, then I encourage you to keep up with us!

As a senior who has spent the past three years at Mississippi College, the “bubble” has taught me a lot about who I am and what I want out of life in some unconventional ways, and hopefully – through this newspaper – myself, the staff, and these writers can help other students do that too in an equally unusual fashion.

This year The Collegian hopes to be the eyes, ears, and voice of this campus. After all our schedules get hectic, things pile up, and after a while it is easy to find ourselves trapped in our own little world.

However, I want to challenge every student to break the mold. It is high time we make sure to take a look around us, outside our protected shells. A lot of people subconsciously think that college is a time to be free from the expectations of real life, but I think that can be a very dangerous notion.

This is not the time to ignore the realities which we will all have to face eventually. This is the time to take notice. Right now is the time when we become who we are, develop habits, create friendships and relationships, and above all make long-lasting decisions.

Life does not stop for college; it is happening right now. So with that all out there to ponder, what makes this particular experience different from the rest of our lives? And how are we supposed to occupy our time while living in this ambiguous adulthood state?

We are expected to question things. It is like a second toddler stage. Allow yourself to question what you know, even if it is uncomfortable. Finding the answers to life exponentially confirms your convictions. So do a little soul searching before you graduate from here. We definitely have the resources for it.

– Kelsey Kitch, Editor


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