Entertainment Around Campus

IMG_2702It is that time of year again. We are back in the bubble ready to see old friends and make new ones, and with the start of each year, there is always one thought that crosses my mind. What will I do with my free time?

I mean, time is precious, and we are all college kids on a budget, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite things to do with my friends on campus or in the city of Clinton.

First and foremost, join a club or organization, such as bass fishing, clay shooting, or the Baptist Student Union on campus. Chances are you will make new friends and be able to do something you love for next to nothing.

Next, I encourage everyone to find a home church. Growing in your faith and building a relationship with God should not be put on the backburner just because we are in college.

Plus, you meet a lot of people going through the same things in life; everyone can grow in their faith together.  It is like having a mini-concert once a week during Wednesday night worship. What is not to love about that?

Then, we move on to the typical movie nights and dinner dates, but I am more of an out-of-the-box thinker. Why waste precious time on the usual activities?

My freshman year, my friends and I would reserve a lobby room in East Tower or hang out in New Men’s lobby once every two weeks or so. One night, we all learned how to swing dance. It was an absolute blast.

Another night, the girls and I baked brownies and cookies, and the boys brought games so we had game night. Do not let the kiddie title of “game night” fool you. Some of my most cherished memories were made during game night. Also, Kroger is right across the street, so snacks and Redbox was another must on our nights off.

And what is there to do for those sports buffs? Participating in and watching intramural games are another great way to get involved, spend time with friends, and satisfy those sports cravings.

I know what I am about to tell you may sound cliché, but have you ever stopped and admired what Clinton has to offer? The nature center is one of my favorite places in Clinton.

Whether I am going for a walk or a run, I am constantly reminded of how good our God is. Granted, I am a nature aficionado, but I truly believe it is a beautiful, must-see sight.

The brick streets in Olde Town Clinton are another great place to unwind and explore. There are so many cute little shops to explore that in my two years of college, I still cannot say I have delved into everything the brick streets have to offer.

Lastly, I wanted to mention giving back to the community. Sometimes, we get so caught up in having “the time of our lives” that we forget to give back a little. I truly believe that if you are able to attend this school, you are beyond blessed.

Something some of my friends and I have enjoyed doing my past two years here at Mississippi College is taking the time out to go volunteer somewhere in Clinton or Jackson together. Not only does it give us time to hang out together, but we are also giving back.

And it never hurts to be able to polish that resume. If you want ideas for where to volunteer, the Community Service Center located next to the Caf is a great resource that should not be wasted.

I hope I have given some of you college kids a few ideas of what to do around here when leaving campus or Clinton is not an option.

– Avni Patel, Contributing Writer


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