The Movie Summer in Need of Saving

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I was looking forward to Iron Man 3, but this time the formula was rusty.  The Great Gatsby was a lot of fun to me since I am a huge fan of the original novel, but many viewers felt as though the soundtrack was inappropriate due to the time period (I did not).

Star Trek Into Darkness—Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance alone made the movie worth a ticket. The Hangover Pt. III was certainly better than Hangover Pt. II (and most threequels), having a slightly more serious edge.

Fast & Furious 6 showed that the successful series is finally running out of gas.  Director Justin Lin has been at the helm of the series since No. 3, and his lack of originality this time around prompted producers to select Conjuring director James Wan to helm No. 7.

Now You See Me had several great performances from Melanie Laurent, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco as well as a snazzy script and fresh feel. After Earth is former successful director M. Night Shyamalan’s latest flub.

It confused its target audience and did not appeal to anyone. This is the End was funny for the most part (except for the last 10 minutes), but how much lowbrow humor can you fit into one movie?  Seriously?

Man of Steel was the best blockbuster of the summer for me, successfully combining all-star performances with a great overall production. World War Z was not the mess I thought it would be, and it is certainly the best zombie film since Zombieland.

White House Down was better when it was called Die Hard, and its lack of originality made it at best OK.  Jamie Foxx saved the day.  The Heat was funny at parts but dragged as a whole.  It is good to have you back, Sandra.

The Lone Ranger was spliced together from parts of better Western classics (Once Upon a Time in the West anyone?), but a rousing finale and Johnny Depp save it from being as bad as any of the Pirates sequels.IMG_2638

Despicable Me 2 was every bit as good as the original—absolutely hilarious.  Pacific Rim was stupid fun, but how much story could I expect from a movie about robots fighting Godzilla?

RIPD was poorly received by critics even though I thought it was pretty entertaining due to Jeff Bridges, Red 2 was a stinky sequel that was saved by Mary Louise Parker, The Conjuring is the scariest horror film I have seen in years, and Only God Forgives, Ryan Gosling’s follow-up to my cinema favorite Drive, fumbled the football ten minutes before it made a touchdown.

The Wolverine had dull claws, Fruitvale Station is sure to win a lot of Oscars (best dramatic film of the summer), and 2 Guns had both barrels blazing.  We’re the Millers was offensive but hilarious, Elysium is the best science fiction movie since Inception, and Percy Jackson:  Sea of Monsters was lighter on its feet than the original.

– Curtis Everitt, Contributing Writer


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