Welcome Week Invites Students to Campus Life

Saturday masses of new students, freshman and transfers alike, moved into the dorms and now call Mississippi College home.

Themed “You are Here,” the MC’s Welcome Week was designed to show students where and how they can get involved on campus and in the Clinton community. The week has been jam-packed with events, opportunities to students to mingle with peers, and chances to become acquainted with campus organizations.

According to the Welcome Week Student Director, Katelyn Williams, “The main focus of this year’s Welcome Week is to show incoming students what Clinton and the greater Jackson area have to offer! The Crew hopes that freshmen and transfers will fully embrace MC and get involved on campus in as many ways as possible.”

The Crew, a group of students elected to plan and execute the events of Welcome Week, have spent hours planning its activities under the supervision of Dannie Woods, the Assistant Director of Student Life for Student Activities.

Hours after new students moved in on Saturday, Welcome Week began with a concert featuring Ben Rector.

Photo by Aaron Boersma
Photo by Aaron Boersma
Photo by Aaron Boersma

Sunday, students attended various churches with their Blue & Gold leaders. In the afternoon, “Sunday Funday” began, featuring a large, inflatable water slide for students to enjoy. After all, one can never be too old to enjoy an inflatable water slide on a hot August day.

Sunday ended with the sophisticated Night in Black and White with the Royces. Students were required to wear black and white to enter the event and were served deserts as they mingled with Lee Royce, President of the university, and his wife, Rhoda.

Monday had many events throughout the day including a road trip, Back to the Bricks, the Student Government Association Skating Bash, and a midnight movie on the quad.

Back to the Bricks was a huge block party held in Old Towne Clinton on the brick streets. At this event, students were introduced to many local businesses and members of the community.

The day before classes begin, Tuesday, students will participate in a day of service projects and then get a Night at the Rez. The service projects are meant to show students what opportunities are available for service in the Jackson area while getting to know their fellow students.

After working in service, students will head to the Ross Barnett Reservoir for a night of relaxed fun. New students will have the opportunity to ride on a riverboat and mingle with upperclassmen.

On Wednesday, students will have another chance to become acquainted with local churches. In the evening, churches will have booths to give a snapshot of their various college ministries and following will be a campus wide worship in Anderson Hall.

Afterward, new students will head to the Thrift Shop Bowling Night, where they are encouraged to wear their favorite thrift shop finds as they go bowling.

Thursday Welcome Week will be hosting a Student Organizations Marketplace, where freshmen and transfers will be able to meet members of organizations on campus. Later, students will head to Duling Hall in Fondren for The Event.

To end Welcome Week, students will have Sonic Happy Hour on Friday.

Freshman Melody Williams said of the week, “It not only is a way for us freshmen to get used to college in a fun way, but it is also helping us to meet friends and get to know one another before classes start.”

From what she has experienced so far, Melody Williams also said, “I have a feeling that most of my college experience at MC is going to be one crazy fun ride.”

This is the prime time for entering students to take advantage of the opportunities to get plugged in on campus and in the community.

“I would advise freshmen to consider getting involved in multiple things so they can meet tons of people and make lots of friends,” Katelyn Williams said. With that, she also cautioned students to balance their time well and not become too busy

In the end, students will reap what they sow in regards to the college experience. As Dannie Woods said, “College is great time and you get to have a lot of experiences, but to experience them you have to put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone.”

– Ashley Bullard, Contributing Writer


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