A Breath of Fresh Air for Hip-Hop: DOOM

doom (1)

Daniel Dumile has had tons of stage names throughout his career, but the one his fans associate the most with him is MF DOOM.  DOOM is the epitome of an underground hip-hop artist.  Born in London but growing up in Long Island, NY, DOOM has certainly influenced the hip-hop scene by bringing back the overall content and quality of music.

In this article, DOOM states, “I ‘m bringing it back to the old, bragging about how nice you are with the words.”  Intriguing lyricism is hard to come by in mainstream rap currently, but DOOM is certainly bringing it back by being a real MC (i.e. emcee, rapper) by speaking of things other than jewelry and homicides.

This unique name stems from the Marvel Comic book character Doctor Doom, the infamous supervillian.  The MF stands for Metal Face, when DOOM is on the mic, and Metal Fingers when he is on the turn-tables.  Another interesting thing about MF DOOM is that he wears a metal mask, similar to that of Doctor Doom in the comics, any time he performs.

Shortly after leaving the scene in the early 90’s then reappearing a couple years later, DOOM has been quoted numerous times saying, “I’m looking for a fresh start.”  He has since collaborated with tons of well known artists, working with Ghostface Killah (a member of Wu-Tang Clan), Danger Mouse (who has produced albums for The Black Keys & Norah Jones), and Madlib (a fellow New York MC and producer).  Whenever he works with other artists, they combine their names for the album’s artist title, like Danger Doom (DOOM x Danger Mouse) and Madvillian (DOOM x Madlib).  Pretty rad, right?

While he begins his ‘fresh start’, DOOM seeks to hide his identity has an escape from the fame and publicity in the music industry today.  DOOM and the group Gorillaz are somewhat similar, as they also hide their appearances with cartoon characters in attempt to play on the lack of content in music today.

In conclusion, DOOM is a remarkable standout in the hip-hop scene today.

A video of the song November Has Come with MF DOOM and Gorillaz is below.

Jordyn Gunn, Online Editor


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