Student Activities and Res Life Make a New Home

All last year, arguments could be heard across campus between seniors and underclassmen about what to call the space below the cafeteria. Seniors insisted that its name would forever be Jazzman’s, and underclassmen were just as certain that the restaurant by the Bowl was called Tuscany’s.

This year, the name is not the only thing that has changed about the popular hangout in the basement of the cafeteria.

Student Activities and Residence Life have now made that space their new home.  According to Sharia Brock, the Assistant Director of Student Life for Residence Life, the move was made to benefit both departments.

“The new office space provides Residence Life and Student Activities a larger working space and room to grow, which are both key components as we continue to grow as an institution,” Brock said when asked about the advantages of the new space.

In addition to the much-needed extra room, the repurposed space provides an area for other student life offices to gather. Student leaders within Student Activities and Residence life will be able to utilize the space for meetings and event preparation.

Dannie Woods, the Assistant Director of Student Life for Student Activities, said, “The space is working out great. It is awesome to have some room to stretch our legs.”

Brock and Woods each have a personal office in the Old Tuscany’s space, and they both said they look forward to a continued relationship of collaboration and community building.  Brock said the convenient location is a definite benefit.

“Our hope is students will continue to hang out on the patio as well as stop in to say ‘Hi’ and get to know the Residence Life and Student Activities staff,” she expressed.

Moriah Chitwood, the Campus Activities Board Chairperson, said the space is beneficial because it rectifies the conflicting schedules of the different branches of the Student Government Association.

“It’s nice not having to rush a project because we have to be sure the Senate Chambers are free for a Senate meeting,” Chitwood said.

She explained that the new space introduces an opportunity for CAB to have a space of its own, which is something that is long overdue. She joked that the lack of closet space is an issue that still has to be resolved, but the move is a certainly a step in the right direction.

Chitwood, who is also a student worker for Student Activities, sang the new space’s praises because of the room it provides for her and other student workers.

“It actually gives us a designated space to work instead of the floor in the corner of a room,” she added, “which is what we had when we were located in Nelson.”

The name of the space below the cafeteria has been a topic of good-humored debate and may still continue to be even with the relocation of the Student Activities and Residence Life offices. While the space will not be serving food anymore, it will still be serving the students of Mississippi College.

The people who brought you “You Are Here” want you to know that “They Are There.”

Gwen Matuszewski, Contributing Writer


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