The Haute Pig – Tradition with a Twist

haute pig“We didn’t invent barbecue. It just tastes like we did.” By using this statement as its slogan, Madison’s local barbecue joint, The Haute Pig, makes a big claim; but, they just may be right.

Located right off of Interstate 55, The Haute Pig serves excellent barbecue in an unassuming setting—namely, a small building with a black and white striped roof that could easily be confused with a second-rate tax broker’s office if it was not for the hoard of cars that usually surround it.

When stepping inside Haute’s door, though, it is like entering a scene that fits the classy promise of its name. While many barbecue joints are dimly lit, wood-coated, or even grimy, Haute offers its patrons classy décor and clean lines and lighting and yet still maintains the familiarity and friendliness associated with barbecue.

The strong tradition of barbecue also appears in the Haute Pig’s food. Continuing the practice of updating blue-collar classics, the menu offers two stylish appetizers: barbecue nachos and barbecue French fries.

The barbecue nachos consist of simple tortilla chips elevated by hearty, tender pulled pork and other classic barbecue flavors. This dish delivers in terms of both originality and flavor and works as a full meal. The real treat here, though, comes after the appetizer plates are cleared and when the entrées are served.

The barbecue dinner plates steal this fashionable Southern show. Served with two side dishes, these plates can feature chicken, beef, smoked ham, smoked turkey, or this reviewer’s favorite, pulled pork shoulder. The chefs at the Haute Pig prepare all of these meats with their well-honed methods.

Barbecue picnic staples like coleslaw, potato salad, onion rings, garden salad, French fries, sweet potato fries, potato chips, and garlic bread take these plates to the next level, but two more “fixin’s” on this menu really shine.

The Brunswick stew is a clean and classic take on an underrated Southern specialty. Brunswick stew, served under different names throughout the southern United States, consists of a deep, meaty broth, various chopped vegetables, and, making it a true barbecue dish, barbecued meat itself.

Haute’s baked beans might stand out even more than the stew though. Made from a house recipe, these baked beans are sweet and savory at the same time and have smoked sausage chopped up in the mix. In a full Haute Pig experience, one still has another treat to savor after the entrée.945042_614938435184809_804074409_n

Dessert provides the sweetest moment in many meals, but this restaurant serves a dessert that really sets the standard. Sitting in a classic diner display among a myriad of sweet treats from coconut cake to pecan pie, one can find an Haute Pig original: Hershey bar pie.

While restaurants almost always can claim an accomplishment when they create an original dish, the Haute Pig can really dote on this triumph by combining two American classics—the pie and the Hershey bar—in a novel and decadent way. Sweet dreams are made of this pie.

If someone in the Jackson metro area wants classic Southern barbecue with a twist, they should check out the Haute Pig in Madison, where modern style and comfort meet traditional dishes and friendly familiarity.

Jay Kucia, Contributing Writer


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