Campus Corner: Alumni Pool Information

The incoming students and athletes are intuitively inquisitive with curiosity about the pool.  In their visits to the pool, they have discovered important information and news about usage.

This is most important in today’s economy and provides a splendid Christian service to our students. If a student cannot register for the classes then they can attend free in-between class times. Daily hours are available and posted on the inside of the stairwell next to the Piazza fountain.

The pool staff will work with each one until they know how to use the steps, bells, belts, saddles, cuffs, bikes, and treadmill. For biking and treadmill information read the first article listed below.

The only thing water fitness, swimming, and therapy have in common is water. In order for any of these to be effective, they should be held in different pools. Each one is poles apart in temperatures, benefits, exercises, cost effectiveness, and they use the properties/ principles in a different way; these are but a few of the differences. For a deeper insight into this subject matter read the second article listed below, pages 1-7.

Alumni Pool is at the rear of Alumni Hall. Both pool entrances are covered by green awnings. Students may enter either via the Piazza or via College Street.

Most exercises are performed with the head above the water and the body near vertical such as: aerobics (PED105), interval training, tether running, liquid abs, plyometrics, volleyball (PED114), power step, walking and biking (PED113), treadmill, running (PED106), weight bearing exercises for athletes, applied voice (uses water pressures on chest in MUS132), and instrumental conducting (uses water buoyancy to lift arms in MUS324). The 2 night classes are scuba (PED128) and fundamentals for NON-swimmers PED107). Lap swimming is held in other pools.

During season, they need to mix weight bearing water fitness 1-2X with land 4- 5X each week to get the superior benefits that transfer to the field, court, and track. The recent good news about the pool can return to being filled with coaches and athletes, see the picture listed in the second article on page 8.

Water fitness pool cleanliness is different than swimming/therapy pool cleanliness. For example: most swimming and therapy pools allow hair to be free flowing in the pool. Water fitness pools have back to back classes and teach muscle strengthening exercises that require there not be any loose hair floating in the water. The goal is to year keep the water as clean for the first class as for the last class since pool filters and strainers do not remove the loose hair as quick as needed.

MC graduates are teaching full or part time water aerobics at fitness gyms and Disney pools while the scuba certification creates job employment opportunities in fields such as Marine Biology and underwater touring.

Alumni Pool’s focus is on programs for the majority of our currently registered MC students. Forty MC athletes, vertical with their head above water, can exercise in Alumni Pool during the same hour. It is also the place for students to have fun, fellowship, and gain superior physical fitness benefits, see the boat races picture listed in the second article, page 8.The community attends different pools around the area.

When lightning cells are nearing a ten mile radius the water part is closed and reassessed each hour. Lifeguards have students exit to the classroom and class is continued with a presentation on water fitness.

Students did not know they could arrange usage of Alumni Pool for their organizational meetings and special events. It is not necessary to get into the water to use the pool. For free reservations using the water, deck, or both, the first step is to check with the pool office to see if the date and time requested is available since pool employees have to be on duty during any usage of water or deck then the student representative would need to contact Laura Ann Hoffman, the Campus Coordinator for Scheduling.

Student workers have lifeguard certifications. They are hired the semester prior to actually working. For example, hours issued for spring 2014 will be filled in the fall, December 2013, after preregistration is completed.

Additional Information can be found at: and

– Pamela G. Milling


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