Collegian Throwback Thursday: Collegian Date Leads to Family

The Collegian Date has been a part of the Collegian for a long time.  For those of you who are new to it, the Collegian sets a guy and a girl up on a blind date, reimbursing them up to $50, and gets both people to write about their experience.

This special throwback Collegian Date article from 2008 features a freshman guy, Hunter Clark, and a junior girl, Micha Gilbey.  Two years after meeting on the Collegian blind date, these two started dating and are now married with their first son, Benjamin!  I am lucky enough to call these lovely people my cousins.

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Here is the Collegian Date article from April 7, 2008.

His side:

To sum up my date with Micha Gilbey I would have to go with the word amazing.  From the time I picked her up to the time I had to drop her off, I was filled with amazement.  She looked amazing.

I don’t even know how to describe it without the word amazing.  The way she walked, talked, sat, ran, played, ate, and many other verbs was simply amazing.

I pulled up to her apartment a little early than expected, even though she might tell you I was late.

From the moment I laid eyes on her I was hooked.  I knew it would be an amazing night, and it was.  From there we went to Negoyas (or however you spell it).  The whole night she would give me these looks hinting she was into me, or at least that’s what I picked up.  On the way to eat she even grabbed my leg, maybe because we almost wrecked, but still.

At the restaurant we started with a hot towel followed by some warm soup.  Micha not knowing what to do with the hot towel, used it as a bib after patting her face with it, don’t ask why.  I’m still a little confused with her actions.  We ordered many types of sushi that was truly amazing.

Right before we received our meal the waiter, obviously feeling bad for Micha, brought us out another set of hot towels and soup, giving Micha another chance to use it properly.  After much hesitation she finally got it right and wiped her hands with the towel.

We ate our sushi and were satisfied; however, Micha was just not happy with me.  She just didn’t think the date was fun.  So she offered a way to make it better.  She said we could make a big scene and then just walk out.  Just wanting my Micha to be happy I agreed to the plan.

After receiving the check we got on to the scene making.  After she yelled at me and then began crying I was amazed.  Next, I yelled that she could just find another ride home.  After the embarrassing scene, we ran out and laughed and for some odd reason got into a random fountain to take pictures.  The ride home was full of laughter.

This date was probably one of the best dates I’ve ever been on.

Her side:

I got asked to do the Collegian date and I was excited, but a little nervous on who it was.  I was shocked when it was Hunter Clark.  I heard he smelled funny.

The evening started out interesting with some fun pictures and some great driving skills on his behalf.  We did a lot of sharp shrieking turns that made all the old people stare at us punk kids.  After he showed me his talents we headed to Nagoya.  Hunter is a goof.

When we got there we decided to order a ton of sushi.  We ordered raw sushi, which I’ve never tried, and some cooked just in case.  As we were digging in I was fascinated with his mad chop stick skills.  He could hold one roll for like 2.4597 seconds.  We had a lot to talk about; flowers, shopping, and soup.  The conversation just went on and on.  We decided that we have a lot in common.  However, suddenly after we feasted over sushi and hot fried bananas for dessert the conversation took a lull.  Then out of nowhere we started arguing.  Hunter said, “That’s it you just find another ride home.”  I was in shock, I mean I didn’t know that he was such a charmer.  As I was sitting in the booth trying not to cry I worked up enough courage to try to convince him to let me drive back.  I ignored the ogling eyes staring at me and stormed out of the restaurant.  I caught up to him and we decided that everything was forgiven.  Then we decided to go in the fountain in front of the restaurant to take a dip.  It was a little deeper than I thought.  When we got out we ran to the car barefoot and Gatti Town awaited with fun and games.  Oh, and losing on purpose for Hunter’s behalf.

We got there and it was closing shortly so we decided not to go in, but we did some cheerleading moves instead.  We did crazy flips, twists, and split jumps.  Hunter has a really good split jump.  He should try out for cheerleading and dye his hair red.  After he won at split jumps and jump moves we decided to head back.

Overall I had a great night.  We are like kindred spirits, one and the same.  Even though he chews like a cow, drives like a blind man, and can’t swim in three feet of water, he is one of the funniest guys I know.  One word will describe Hunter- personality.  Love you Hunter!

hunter baby

As you can tell from this article, these two have a lot of character.  They both planned to write a humorous story about their date experiences being awful, but it seems Hunter couldn’t quite go through with it.  Micha was too amazing for him to joke about.  There is still an on-going joke in my family today about Micha writing for the paper that Hunter smelled funny.  That will indeed be a story to tell little Benjamin one day.

If interested in participating in the Collegian date, please email the opinions editor, Mallory Hudson, at

– Jordyn Gunn, Online Editor



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