Don’t Be “That Guy”

College is an exciting new experience, especially for freshmen like me. So many of us have lived in one place our whole lives: the same school, the same church, and probably the same friends. Along come these brand new experiences and so many changes that it almost stuns you.

It leaves many of us in an unfamiliar spot. So many freshmen guys are reaching out and trying to cling to something that makes this process of adapting less overwhelming. A lot of us have had the same friends our whole life and making new ones is something we really have not had to do.

There are several different ways to make friends on campus. From rushing, joining campus ministries, or even intramurals, staying involved is the key to meeting new people. But there is one way that is certainly the wrong way, and quite a few guys have started trying it: playing acoustic guitar in public places.

We have all seen that guy. While it may seem perfectly fine to play your guitar outside the Caf, on the steps of Chrestman, or even in the quad…. DO NOT DO IT. Do not be that guy. There are so many things wrong with that guy.

Singing/playing John Mayer outside the dorm does not give the illusion that you are a really deep guy (And who knows? You might be!)

There is also the guy who does no really know how to play guitar but does a solid job of continuously strumming the cords he does know with passion…. You are fooling no one.

Third, there is a very special type of “that guy.” I discourage acting like this next guy and communicating with him in any way. We have all seen the guy who plays worship music (There is absolutely nothing wrong with worship music. Go, Jesus.) in a public area as a way to get girls.

Using worship music as a way to get girls is just wrong on a whole different level. But you look foolish in the process. Here is a lesson to be learned: do not be the guy who plays acoustic guitar out in public on campus.

Acoustic guitars are also misused in dorms. If you can play guitar and want to jam a little in your room, that is awesome! Jam away. If you would like to sing and play a few praise songs during your quiet time, more power to you.

But if you want to sing/play sappy teenage love songs with you dorm door open…. Please refrain from such behavior. It is a little (a lot) weird for everyone else. Nothing says awkward like hearing “One Less Lonely Girl” being sung from an eighteen-year-old college freshman male down the hall.

So now you know. Never be that guy! Do not play guitar in public places, as worship songs are not a tool to bring in the ladies, and please never sing/play in the dorm with your door open.

I have saved you from one day looking back at your time as a freshman and feeling ashamed. No need to thank me, just do not play in public.

Jared Ennis, Contributing Writer


5 thoughts on “Don’t Be “That Guy”

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  1. Wow. This article is very rude. How can you assume that a guy is trying to pick up girls just because he enjoys playing his guitar? That seems very conceited on your part. Just because someone is within earshot of you doesn’t mean they want you or are trying to hit on you by playing their guitar. This is an uneducated assumption to make of another person. If you want to be a good journalist then you should learn to be objective in what articles you decide to publish. Also I can tell from the amount of grammatical errors and typos in this article that you clearly didn’t care about what you were writing or how quickly you decided to publish this article without thinking of the repercussions of your actions. These people “playing the guitar to get girls” have hearts and maybe they just truly enjoy playing their instrument. By writing this article you have potentially hurt someone. You should be ashamed.

    1. This is not a journalistic article. This is an opinions piece submitted to The Collegian by a contributing writer, not a staff member. It was published with the knowledge that it is biased, like other articles in the Opinions section, and does not reflect the views of the paper or its staff.

      Thanks for adding your thoughts on the matter. We want to encourage students to make their voices heard, as you’ve done.

  2. So, just because it is in the “Opinions” section means that you, as a Christian college, allow defamatory remarks to be published in your newspaper? Isn’t there a governing force which determines what you should and shouldn’t say about someone? Oh yeah, it’s called “The Holy Bible”.

  3. If you are publishing an article through your paper, even if it is not written by a staff member, it greatly reflects the views of the paper and the staff. The Mississippi Collegian staff allowed this article to be published. The homepage of Mississippi College, the college that your paper is affiliated with, states that it is a “Christian University.” I understand that not all articles published in a paper are happy and uplifting but this article is clearing attacking a student. If the student that wrote this article had read his bible (he clearly attends church based on his writing) then perhaps he would have read Ephesians 4:29 “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen”. This article does not benefit anyone. I highly doubt the student that wrote this article is wonderful friends with who he refers to as “that guy.” Yes, this is an opinion piece. A very cruel and uneducated opinion.

  4. Music is a social activity, and has been that way for many years. To condemn somebody for playing guitar outside of their room and assume intentions on their actions is foolish. Does that mean that if someone is not athletically gifted that they should never go to the gym to work out? After all, everyone knows that men go to the gym so they can impress women – not always because they enjoy working out.

    Regardless of whether or not this is a “journalistic article”, I am surprised that a periodical like The Collegian, which is affiliated with a Christian University, would publish material that demeans someone whom the writer and photographer had no previous interaction with. This is judgement, and something as Christians we are not to practice. As someone who previously attended a Christian university, and was attacked by someone in a position of power, I am especially sensitive to this situation, and am so disgusted. Perhaps a Bible Study on the book of James might be useful before more opinion pieces are published. For a school that apparently aims “to exhibit Christ-like character”, and whose aim with service is “our gifts, talents, and abilities to advance the genuine well-being of our community and promote Christian values”, I am gravely disappointed, and feel sorry for not only the individual isolated in this article, but also for the author and photographer, and the individuals that thought this material was permissible for publication.

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