Gore Gallery Features Photo Journalism

IMG_3784A program of Photo “J” Exhibit was held on Mississippi College`s campus in Samuel Marshall Gore Galleries on September 12 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event was open to the public and admission was free. Parking was provided behind the First Baptist Church Activities Building.

There were around 40 photos hung on the walls of the gallery in this exhibition. There were photos all from the five photographers: Dianne Barrett, Michael Varrett, Barbara Gaunt, Melanie Thortis and Chris Todd. At the front of the gallery, the exhibit also prepared food and drinks for people who came to view the exhibition.

Randy Jolly, the Gore Galleries director, said, “We do different exhibitions in the gallery every six years. This is the first journalism photography exhibit in the gallery at this time.”

He also added, “This exhibition is to show how people can use photographic technique to tell stories and document those things that are happening in everyday life.”

These photographs exhibited various types of photographers. They work in photo journalism for magazines and newspapers. Each one of them are working for themselves and doing freelance work and have different backgrounds Jolly explained.

Todd is a particular photographer that takes lots of sports-related photos, such as the photographs “OUCH!” and “How to Become a tenor.” These photos show Chris Smith when he shattered his pole at the north state meet at Madison Central.

Most of Varrett’s photos were black and white, featuring landscape views. His representative work was “Choctaw Stickball.”

Thortis’s  photos are all coloful, happy and most of them are all people. However, Gauntt’s photos pay attention to fashion with her representative work being, “Me and My Shadow.”

On the other hand, Barrett’s work was all untitled and featured everyday life.

Abbie Gore, graphic design major, works at the Gore Galleries. She said, “This exhibit is great; I am interested in journalism photography. I think this exhibit brought a good way to learn more things about the journalism photography.”

“The one I like best is the Melanie Thortis photo ‘Tiny Dancers.’ It has beautiful color and cute girls. The girls can bring a vivid photo,” Gore added.DSC00676

Yu Ming Ma, graphic design major, is a graduate student, who said, “I am happy to come to this exhibit, and I really like art, and that is the reason why I came to America. There are more exhibitions than a campus in China. I can learn a lot from different exhibitions after class at Mississippi College.”

The exhibit brought a paradise of wonderful photos in Mississippi College. People who like photographs are invited to see photos at Samuel Marshall Gore Galleries at Mississippi College.

This exhibition will run through September 27. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. and Tuesday evenings from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

– XiaoXian Ni, Contributing Writer


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