Insidious 2: A Scare Or a Bore?

insidiousHot on the Friday the 13th bandwagon, horror director James Wan is back with “Insidious: Chapter 2.” Most known for his recent summer horror flick “The Conjuring” and 2004’s “Saw,” James Wan is back again with a sequel to the original “Insidious.”

Known for his small budget, high profit earning formulas, James Wan has brought yet another horror movie to the screen using that exact method (WARNING: spoilers ahead).

“Insidious: Chapter 2” picks off exactly where the last one left off, with Josh coming back from the other side after bringing back his son who was trapped in the world of the dead.

Ah, but alas the soul that returns is not Josh, but the soul of a demented serial killer.

The Lambert family is again tormented by unexplainable noises, footsteps, voices, pianos that play by themselves, doors that open by themselves, shadows,  and anything else you can imagine would happen in a haunted house. They thought everything was solved when Josh returned, but nothing has changed.

This soul of the serial killer, later found out to be Joseph Craven or better known as the ‘Black Bride’ comes chalk full of mommy issues and personal mental disorders that led him to kill.

Josh’s mother all the while is trying to solve the mystery of these occurrences and teams up with some paranormal investigators. Eventually we learn that the soul in Josh’s body was an ex-patient of hers, so they decide to visit his house and get to the bottom of the issue.

This movie is full of clichés that you would see in any horror movie. There is the spirit dice, spirit reading rooms, the underlying family issues, the flickering lights, every object imaginable moving by itself, creepy dolls, moving horses, people under sheets and some dreadfully looking ghosts even jump out at you.

Keep your hopes low if you are expecting to be scared witless. First, this movie is a sequel, and horror sequels are usually the worst kind of sequels. Second, the story was dull and dragging and tremendously predictable. Third, the movie is comedic at times when shock was the intended goal.

The only redeeming quality about this movie is the enjoyability of seeing it in a theater full of spectators. The screams, the laughing, the clapping, and the unintended commentary by the audience themselves made me enjoy the movie more than the movie itself.

If you are looking to be terrified, stay away, but if you want to go laugh at a movie that was intended to be scary, then by all means, buy yourself a ticket and go today. This movie gets a 1/4 stars from me.

Ruhi Randhawa, A&E Editor


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