MC Rush in Full Swing/Rush Skit Videos

photo-16Rush began in earnest last week with rush skits by tribes and rush parties and videos by clubs.

Rush parties spanned from Monday to Wednesday of last week and had a great turnout. At these parties, guys had the chance to converse with actives in all of the clubs and find the place that fits their own personality.

Next on the agenda were rush skits and club videos. Rush skits are roughly 30 mins and gave each tribe a chance to show the pledges an idea of what they are all about. Through watching the skits and looking at everything from the theme to music and dance style, rushees get a good picture of what a tribe’s overall personality is.

On Thursday and Friday night, Swor Auditorium was packed with rushees who were fully decked out in costumes and ready to watch the skits.

Laguna and Swannanoa Social Tribes performed on Thursday night. Laguna’s skit was Saved by the Bell themed and showed the friends coming to MC and rushing social tribes and clubs.

Swannanoa’s skit was Scooby Doo themed, and the plot was that the vice presidents were kidnapped by the Creeper, and rush could not go on until Mystery Inc. solved the crime.

On Friday night, Neenamoosha and Kissimee performed. Neenamoosha’s skit was Scooby Doo themed as well. Its plot was that president Michelle Ladner had disappeared and Mystery Inc. needed to find her.

In the end, Neenamoosha announced that by decree of Mayor Fisher, the City Council, and the Board of Aldermen, September 24th is now officially “Neenamoosha Day” in the city of Clinton.

Though the skits had the same theme, Swannanoa and Neenamoosha worked together to overcome the awkward situation. The Mystery Inc. gang from both tribes appeared in each other’s skits in a comic way to show that there are no hard feelings between the tribes.

To end the rush skits, Kissimee performed a jungle-themed skit, which followed the lives of Drew (suspiciously like Tarzan) and Jane, a Kissimee active, at MC.

Between rush skits, the clubs showed videos that described their personalities. These videos were both serious and humorous and made for great entertainment between skits.

Freshman Alexa Jenkins shares her feelings about general rush, “Rush has been such a great experience so far! The skits and videos have been hilarious, and I’ve loved hanging out with the tribes. It’s been a great way to connect with my MC family!”

Coke parties are another major event for girls in the general rush process. Coke parties are a more fancy event at which actives and rushees dress up and spend an hour mingling and getting to know one another.

These soirées give rushees quality time with each tribe and help them find out more about the personalities of the girls in each one.

Laguna and Swannanoa had their coke parties Monday night, and Neenamoosha and Kissimee will have theirs Tuesday night.

Neenamoosha active Anna Bolton said, “My favorite part about coke parties is getting to know more about the girls going through general rush. At a lot of the other events, we spend a lot of time trying to communicate what our own tribe is about, and coke parties provide a better setting to talk one-on-one with the girls.”

On Friday, girls will “pref” their tribes, listing them in order of preference. On Saturday, they will find out which tribe they are in during Squeal Day. With this, general rush will end and each tribe and club will begin their own rush with their new pledges.

Ashley Bullard, Contributing Writer


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