Under the Same Roof

Breathing in and feeling different: this is how I felt when I walked onto Mississippi College’s campus because this year was much different than usual. Other than being a returning student, this year I am living in a new dorm.

Sadly, I was unable to live in Lat-Webb like I had done so previously. The only dorm that was available was Whittington. Yes, the original male dorm.


For those who have been here since the beginning, it might come as a surprise because Whittington has always been a male dorm since the beginning of creation. Only this year has the school decided to make it coed.

My belief is that residence life only made it coed to get more money because my pockets are seriously draining. I am already seeing moths flying out of my wallet.

Unlike other dormitories, I can just converse with the male population in my dormitory, watch television, or sit in the lobby and eat meals with them day and night, which is one bonus of living here.

Technically, it is the ONLY bonus to living here because it sure is not the walk, which reminds me of walking through the fire pits of Hell because of the heat. Never have I experienced such heat in my life and this downhill dorm is not making it any better.

I still wonder as to how people on Sunday walk up the hill in heels. Their heels are definitely a take on the meaning of “killah.”

Yet, living in this dorm is not all bad. It is quite similar to Lat-Webb with the interior and with the same rules, except our lobby is a mixture of both genders. Now, a lot of people have come up to me and asked me if I am living right next to a male, and the answer to that is no.

Males are on the left side of the dorm. I only see them if I enter through the lobby, but I always enter out from the side door. Also, there is a door separating us with a fire alarm on it that WILL go off if it is opened.  Nobody has opened it yet, but I am still waiting to be startled in the middle of the night to a loud screeching sound that could only be described as, trouble.

Now, those who are curious about testing out this building, I can say that there are plenty of rooms that are available. Third floor is completely empty and only half of second floor is filled. If you can get passed the stuffy and odd smelling first floor and the freezing second floor, then living here would be fun.

But if this goes against your morals and you do not feel like you should live with the opposite sex under the same roof, then this building is not for you. Only the bold, the transfers, and the internationals have what it takes to dare this building.

Sabrina Royal, Contributing Writer


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