What is Mississippi? subSIPPI screening Friday in Jackson


When thinking about a documentary about the state of Mississippi, one may already become disinterested, because many people may think “what is here to make a movie about?” but that is exactly who this movie was made for and why it was made.

Composed by Vincent Chaney, Lauren Cioffi, and Greg Gandy, who under the leadership of Chaney directed, filmed, and produced the product, subSIPPI. They spent four months (August to November 2012) road tripping around Mississippi to film the different hidden subcultures throughout the state.

In a press release given to The Collegian,  Chaney stated, “even though Mississippi is small, we knew we had to visit places around the state and let the community tell us their story. We had a carefully planned calendar that led us from Carriere, to the coast, up to Meridian, to Oxford, down through the Delta, to Vicksburg, then Natchez and finally back to Jackson, where the project began post-production.”

The creators wanted to explore the diversity that Mississippi had to offer and to change the public’s generally negative outlook of what and who Mississippi is. Many perceptions surrounding the state are generally erroneous and subSIPPI wanted to showcase a realistic portrayal of the state.

They used social media outlets, like Facebook, to connect with people across the state. Later on, they marketed their movie through those same outlets.

By sharing, liking, posting, and updating Facebook, the creators of subSIPPI were able to create a steady buzz around the movie, never definitively proving where and when the movie would be released which just built anticipation surrounding the project.

The movie premiered at the Saenger Theatre in Hattiesburg, Miss. to a sold out show and an extensively positive reception from the viewers.

Recently, the subSIPPI crew has announced that they will be have a screening of the movie right here in Jackson at the Mississippi Museum of Art on Sept.  27, at 7:30pm. The admission is free and there will be a question and answer with the crew after the screening.

It may change the way people look at the state, because after all this is home to Mississippi College students (some temporarily), and many believe that they will be the ones that make the transformation to a superior and progressing state.

Ruhi Randhawa, A&E Editor


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