Lighthouse Ministries – Open Mic Night

Wednesday night, Lighthouse Ministries hosted an Open Mic Night for the first time ever.  The public was invited to come and watch or participate by engaging in spoken word, liturgical dance, singing, rap, or pretty much any talent a participant said they have– all related to the Gospel.


Lighthouse is a campus ministry at Mississippi College. Their motto is “we are a bright light in a dark generation!”  They meet on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in Alumni Hall room 208.  They have a worship service followed by a sermon, and students might even see some of these spoken word and liturgical dance talents being done there as well.

What is spoken word? Is it exactly what it sounds like?  The answer is yes, it is.  Spoken word is an art form; reciting any type of written work or poetry are good examples.  Some spoken-word art incorporates music into its presentation, but usually it is only the spoken word you hear.  This distinguishes it fr

om rap or any other types of sing-a-long music.

The first performance was a spoken word act.  The student performing started off singing a short, beautiful line, and then went into spoken word.  Throughout her performance, she changed her tone, length, and speed of her words.  She ended with singing her beautiful, slow line again.  The way she put together her spoken word made it much more intriguing than a typical poetry reciting.  Claps and “amens” sounded from the audience while she performed.


Liturgical dance, which may be unfamiliar to most MC students,  is a dance in the form of worship.  The “Penecostal Explosion,” a group of three girls, demonstrated what liturgical dance was.  Music played as they danced and showed some  moves full of worship.


One man shared a piece of written work that was written by someone he knew, who is currently on death row.  This work was centered around Jesus and religion being separate entities.  Audience members heard lines such as, “Jesus and religion come from the opposite spectrum, one is the cure, the other the infection.”

There were many other participants who displayed their talents.  One girl performed a mime to a song that played in the background, another person played their snare drum, poetry was read, and more spoken word was performed.

Spoken word originated from the growth of poetry during the cultural art movement, the Harlem Renaissance.  Spoken word also had an influence on the early hip hop scene and is still apparent in many genres of contemporary music.

Lighthouse received great feedback about the Open Mic event.  Ki Brewster, the Lighthouse praise team director and leadership team member, said, “It was a mighty move of God and we are excited about it.”

Audience members really enjoyed the show and many people showed interest in participating in a future event like this.  Lighthouse plans to host another Open Mic Night in November.  Brewster said, “This one was so great we have to do it again.”

Jordyn Gunn, Online Editor


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