Pressures of the School System

As a teacher in training, I know how tough school is. I understand that school is practically a fight for survival, and students want to stand on top. The pressure of being a student can get to you and sometimes the outcomes are suicidal.

Each year tons of students die from suicide; we see this on the news and in our personal lives. What if you are not fighting the pressures from school work, the bullies, the cool kids, and everybody else? What if you are actually fighting the school itself?

In a recent article by FoxNews, there is a young African American boy who is on the verge of being suspended in Virginia. What is the reason? Well, the young boy was playing with his airsoft gun on his parents’ property.

For those who might not know, an airsoft gun is a toy gun that fires plastic pellets. Now, I do not know the school’s rules but I do know that if a toy gun is played with at home, then it should be the parents’ problem, not the schools.

This young child has to be expelled because of one noisy neighbor who believed it was her sacred duty to call the police and complain. Her nosiness has caused an injury in to a boy’s education. I feel sorry for this boy, because he does not have to only fight puberty and his fellow students; he has to fight for the chance to have an education in his district.

Another example of the fight against school systems is where a parent, Robert Small, spoke his mind about how the school is teaching his child. He did not approve of the new common core curriculum that will be a part of the classroom. At the parent meeting, they apparently did not allow parents to speak their mind.

Small said, “I want to know how many parents here are aware that the goal of the Common Core standards isn’t to prepare kids for full-fledged universities, it’s to prepare them for community college…..Parents, take control. We’re sick of this.

“This is not a CNN political game. This is a public town hall… Listen, don’t stand for this. You’re sitting here like cattle. You have questions. Confront them. They don’t want to do it in public…. Parents, you need to question these people….Do the research, it’s online.”

His action caused the school’s police officers to take him out of the room and arrest him. Later on, Small was fined for assaulting the cop who took him away, however, that is not all. Small could be fined up to $5,000 and potentially face ten and a half years in prison if convicted.

This is a parent who spoke his mind about an ideal he does not approve of, but his consequence was dealing with the legal system.

If I may reference this to the Bible, Jesus also spoke his mind about what was going on around him and was shut down by the legal system. Small is no Jesus but he is a man who cared about his son and wanted what he believes is right for him.

Now the boy will not just face the monarchy of school, but the school system that might take away his father for 10 years and six months.

So in conclusion, students, peers, and puberty are not the pressures they used to be and that we all grew up dealing with. The real pressure is the school system that is thrusting itself forcefully into students’ lives without their consent and causing lasting scars.  How can we fight it? We cannot. All students can do is sit down and lay low.

Sabrina Royal, Contributing Writer


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