About That Time of Year

Finally, Autumn has arrived! Technically it should have been here since it is the month of October, but for those of us that live here in the south it is a different story.

The weather does not follow the rules here in Mississippi and you can experience all four seasons literally in one week. One day can be scorching hot with humidity so thick you can slide across the pavement on your belly with ease. Another day produces wondrous breezes that make you want to throw your arms up in a flying motion. Doing that in public will catch the attention of those judgmental eyes that plague this campus. How dare they ridicule you for wanting to fly! Anyway, since Autumn is here, there are things to look forward to. Other than gale force winds picking you up to fly away of course.

Outside activities! We can all throw the frisbee and jog briskly with the wind in our hair. Or scalp if your toupee has flown off. Surely you’re thinking this, “But we have been out in the hot sun doing all this already.” My point exactly, in the hot summer sun.

Often when walking outside the air was so hot, it felt like I was going to pass out. No one has time for that. Now that it’s wonderful outside, tennis and disc golf will be a lot more enjoyable. We won’t pass out from the sun beating us down for those activities.

Some of MC’s students have also been hanging out in their ENO hammocks a lot more. It was a wonder how they even did it before hand, perhaps they passed out from heat exhaustion which made them stay there longer.

We can all begin changing our wardrobe, slightly though. I have been looking forward to wearing hoodies and light jackets but previous weather conditions prevented me from enjoying it.

Some people have even begun wearing cardigans and kudos to them for being stylish. If only we could look as cool as the cardigan wearers. But that’s ok, the non cardigan wearers will look just as awesome in bum-wear, and be just as comfortable. If you’re wondering what I mean by bum-wear, it is the look of crawling out of bed, putting on sweat pants and a hoodie, and enjoying the day. This also means no make-up for you girls if you want to complete your bum look.

One of the best things to enjoy about Autumn is getting closer to people. For all you couples behaving awkwardly and neglecting your other friends, you can enjoy snuggling up. But not too close, you’re being observed and your behavior is taken note of and is a part of psychological evaluation. Walking through the nature center trails together will provide a beautiful scenery, perfect for getting down on one knee and whipping out a ring while a friend hides in the trees nearby taking pictures. For those of us who are lonely old spinsters for life complete with a loom and thread, we’ll still enjoy the day. Single and looking-er, I mean happy.

So, enjoy this season while you can before the weather changes its mind.

– Daitandris Hatcher, Contributing Writer


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  1. “you’re being observed and your behavior is taken note of and is a part of psychological evaluation.” I laughed for 5 minutes when I read this line about couples, and I hope not to see any toupee’s flying around on the quad. This article was hysterical!

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