Edo Japanese Restaurant

edo-japanWith the abundance of sushi joints in the metro Jackson area, there are more than enough restaurants to enjoy Japanese cuisine. Edo ranks at the top of the foodie lists as one of the best Japanese restaurants Jackson has to offer.

Located in northeast Jackson on Ridgewood Road, this hole-in-the-wall atmosphere offers customers a warm welcome from the moment they enter the doors. Relaxing décor and calming music set the scene for this impeccable dining experience.

Their menu is enormous, including a plethora of sushi options as well as several different appetizers and entrees to choose from. Complementary miso soup is always a welcomed starter, and the light crab salad adds the perfect touch to any meal. With delicious crab and thinly sliced cucumbers underneath, this salad is a unique creation.

A few favorites on Edo’s menu include the Dragon Fly, Pink Cadillac, and Volcano sushi rolls. Their combination fried rice and other dishes are also flavorful, but what makes these dishes outstanding is the sheer size of each dish. The sushi rolls are enormous, with anywhere between six and twelve gigantic pieces.

Service at Edo is right in line with the food, too. Waitresses aim to meet all customer needs by providing elegant touches and even going as far as bringing warm towels to guests before the courses are presented. Chefs appear right in view of the patrons as they prepare meals, offering clients an opportunity to witness sushi being rolled and other plates put together.

Another unique touch to this restaurant is their fresh ingredients, especially the high quality fish that goes into each sushi roll as well as the other dishes. All plates contain flavorful combinations that make Edo’s specialties tough to beat.

At the end of the dining experience, per Japanese culture, guests receive half an orange to cleanse the palate and aid in digestion of the meal. Small touches like this allow the customers a unique endeavor at this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

Prices are reasonable for even college students, and their lunch special, which includes two sushi rolls, soup, and a salad, all for seven dollars, is definitely a crowd pleaser. Fast service is ideal for all, but the promptness of the meal certainly does not depreciate the quality of the dishes.

Edo’s friendly atmosphere and delicious plates bring it to the top as one of the best Japanese restaurants in the Jackson area. Fresh ingredients assure the stand-out of this joint, and the clean family environment is sure to please everyone.

– Katie Rogers, Copy Editor


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