Government Shutdown Talks Continue

On Oct. 1, the lives of thousands of Americans changed drastically. Due to Congress’ inability to agree on a new budget, many portions of the United States government were shut down. 

The shutdown was an effort by the Republican Party to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare. On the other hand, the Democratic Party is in opposition to this repeal. 

If the government shutdown continues for a longer period of time than expected, there are some issues that may arise. On Oct. 16, the Federal Courts could shut down. On Oct. 17, the U.S. Treasury would have used up its ability to borrow money unless Congress raised the limit on the amount of money it can borrow. 

After Oct. 17, the U.S. Treasury would have roughly 30 billion dollars, which would quickly diminish within just a few days. On Nov. 1, the Head Start Program, unable to renew its annual grant, would be forced to leave out thousands more children who need scholarly attention. There have already been over 19,000 children left out due to a lack of grant money for the program. 

In regards to the government shutdown, President Barack Obama said, “The longer this goes on, the worse it will be.” 

Obama also assured that, “not all government agencies will be closed.” The agencies and services that will remain open include the post office, Social Security, Medicare, air traffic control, border patrol, mission control, national security, and public safety. 

The services and agencies that will continue to be closed include WIC, issuing of infrastructure permits, national parks, and services for war veterans. More than two million civilian workers are out of work and thousands more are staying on their jobs without pay. 

However, progress is being made toward a resolution for this conflict. President Obama said, “I am willing to work with anyone to get Obamacare better, and the economy better.” He has agreed to negotiate with Republicans only if they reopen the government. 

He is willing to listen to Republicans when the more extreme members of this party are not issuing threats to the American Economy. President Obama said, “If reasonable Republicans want to talk about these things again, I am ready to head up the hill and try.”

Republicans want deficit reducing talks with Obama as a condition for raising the debt ceiling. House speaker John Boehner said it is unsustainable that the president is refusing to discuss the deficit reduction strategies with the Republican Party. 

The International Monetary Fund Chief Economist Oliver Blanchard said, “The effects of this shutdown could lead to a recession or worse.”  

– Tiffany Babb, Contributing Writer


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