If You Are “That Guy”

In the last issue of The Collegian, a student contributed an article titled “Don’t be ‘That Guy,’” which was accompanied by a photograph of a Mississippi College student in the Commons. The paper would like to make it clear that in no way does the sentiments of the contributing writer’s article reflect upon that student.

The staff would like to apologize for not making this clear in the original publication, and did not intend to project this student in an untruthful light. The picture was staged by the staff photographer, Abby Thompson, and did not capture the student’s natural actions.

The Collegian has taken steps to ensure that this type of situation will not happen again by making use of photograph waivers.

To clear up any uncertainty, this article was an opinions piece submitted to The Collegian by a contributing writer, not a staff member. It was published with the knowledge that it is biased, like other articles in the Opinions section, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the paper, its staff, or those pictured.

As student journalists, it is the staff’s mission to provide the student body of Mississippi College and its alumni with quality journalism, while upholding traditions of freedom of religion and free speech. The paper hopes to encourage a general interest in news and to enlighten the student body.

The Collegian welcomes all students, faculty members, and staff to write for the Collegian, as well as letters to the editor.

– Kelsey Kitch, Editor


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