The Walkers are BACK

The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Poster Art - Frank Ockenfels/AMCThe best day in October is finally here. This Sunday, Walking Dead season four will make its premiere on AMC. For those of you readers who are not die-hard zombie fans, here is what you are missing.

The Walking Dead is a show about Sherriff Rick Grimes, who awakes from a coma to find himself in a world that has become overrun with zombies, (or as our show likes to call them “Walkers”). The show follows him as he reunites with his family and leads a small group of survivors across the southern part of the United States.

The group over the course of the show went from looking for answers and a cure to the disease, to solely focusing on surviving. In the previous season, Rick and the group find shelter in an abandoned prison where they are forced to not only fight off zombies, but also fight off a new villain known as the Governor.

The Governor is a self-appointed leader of a safe zone called Woodbury, but he becomes overcome with rage when he learns of Rick’s group inhabiting the prison and makes it his sole purpose to destroy Rick and his group.

Walking Dead fans everywhere were shocked by several events that occurred in the last season of the show when several of the characters from the original cast were killed off.

However, these deaths are short lived when the closing to season three depicts that over 50 new cast members have been added to build the story line for the new season.

These new cast members are the refugees who have fled the town of Woodbury and are joining our group at the prison. Actor Norman Reedus, who plays the dashingly attractive, soft-hearted, walker-slaying redneck Daryl Dixon on the show, was particularly upset about losing some of his fellow cast members.

He was quoted by Entertainment Weekly saying, “It really bums me out. It’s taken three seasons for people to get wrapped up in certain characters. I think once you invest in those characters to have those characters go is just like ‘Ah, man.’ I think people are sort of left hanging on a string.”

This is a show where fans cannot become too attached to any certain character.

In Season three alone, the show lost four original cast members, such as:  Laurie, Rick Grimes’ wife who died giving birth to their child, T-Dog, who was viciously killed by walkers by trying to protect his friend, Andrea, who though many fans stopped liking because of her affair with the governor made several of us still sad to see her go, and Merle, who was Daryl Dixon’s malicious, callous, and altogether people hating brother.

Fans like myself were shocked to see these cast members go, making it only five original cast members left who have survived the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ thus far.

What can the Walking Dead fans expect out of the new season?

The trailer for season four shows a lot of everything us Walking Dead fans like to see. It has drama, screaming, blood, romance, struggles for power, trust issues, walkers, just the right amount of violence, and my personal favorite, Daryl Dixon.

The season four trailer is starting off with the prison becoming completely overrun with walkers, more of our beloved cast dying, and our group hearing of other survivors on a radio frequency. I am not sure what will go down in this new season, but I can say I will not be missing a single episode.

– Courtney Parella, Contributing Writer


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