Welcome to the 21st Century


In my house growing up, we appreciated hard work, and not just appreciated, but also expected it. It was expected not just from my little brother and my dad, but from my mom, my two sisters, and me as well.

My parents never taught me to rely on someone else for my own happiness, and they never taught me to live off the welfare of anyone, including my future husband.

My life has not and will not ever revolve around my future husband. I did not choose to attend MC because I thought there was a high percentage of attractive Southern boys that might catch my eye and maybe – just maybe – I would get to marry a handsome pre-med Godly man whose mother would love me almost as much as my own does. No, ma’am.

To be honest, that never even crossed my mind when I was deciding to attend college at MC. I came here because our education program is nationally accredited, not so I could major in “I Love Lucy.” No degree program exists – no “10 step process” – to find your spouse.

MC does not guarantee that you will find your spouse in college, no matter how your parents met or what family tradition you hope to fulfill.

In fact, my parents met after my mom graduated and began working hard as an accountant. My dad was broke as a joke and paying his way through college when he asked my mom to marry him. He owned an engagement ring and $30, which was barely enough for them to share a meal at a hibachi restaurant. She said yes, and they have been happily married for 23 years.

One of my friend’s parents met, and then he proposed five days later. They have been happily married for 27 years! Did any of them graduate with an “Mrs.” or “Mr. degree”? Absolutely not. They trusted in The Lord to provide them with the right person to spend the rest of their lives with.

Especially here at MC, our focus should be on the Lord’s plan. Instead of worrying about introducing ourselves to the multitude of potential husband-material freshmen boys and planning our perfect MC Pinterest wedding, we should be praying and asking God to mold our hearts and make us into the women our future husbands deserve to marry.

Being a mother and caretaker of the home remains a high priority for me. The world revolves around mothers, but revolving your college career, while spending $100,000 on tuition, around a “Mrs. degree” dismisses everything my parents taught me.

I am sorry to say that Dr. Royce will deeply disappoint some of you ladies come graduation time when he hands you a diploma and there is no engagement ring to accompany it. Welcome to 2013 ladies. The 1950’s are long gone.

– Marianne Webb, Contributing Writer


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