Bill Passed to End Government Shutdown


Late Wednesday night Congress voted to avoid the certainty of defaulting.  Congress voted to reopen the government and its agencies allowing Treasury to borrow money in order for the United States government and the thousands of people to return to work.

President Barack Obama signed the bill around 11:30 CST Wednesday night.  All government-related workers can return to their jobs today.  A video of President Obama announcing Senate has passed the bill and a few words about how he guaranteed to sign the bill and to have a plan to avoid this in the future and to gain back America’s trust.

In the briefing room, he said “hopefully next time it won’t be in the 11th hour, we’ve got to get out of the habit of governing by crisis.”

As he left, a reporter asked if this situation could happen again.  President Obama responded with a short, “no,” which was followed by some laughs.

The U.S. has extended borrowing until Feb. 7 and to fund agencies until Jan. 15.  A House-Senate bipartisan group is to be created out of the bill passed to come up with lengthy deficit reduction plans, to hopefully last longer than a couple months.  Their ideas need to be passed by Congress by Dec. 13.

The Treasury Department will be able to extend its tools for a brief period of time if a plan is not implemented by Feb. 7, but for how long is unknown.

It seems this is a win for President Obama and the Democrats as the Republicans conceded their concern to defund The Affordable Care Act, for now.  In reality, no agreement as been made and opposition from both parties concerning how to end the nations deficit remains an issue at hand.

The Collegian published a news story about the status of the shutdown on Tuesday.

– Jordyn Gunn, Online Editor


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