Why I Choose to be an Art Teacher


How do I feel about art? Art is this inspiration, this creativity, and this imagination. Art, in itself, is my muse.

I feel really happy once I finish a piece of art. Once I start with my particular and difficult artwork, I cannot stop because I want to see the outcome and I NEED to see how it will turn out. I want to know if it will surprise me or if it will look like another middle school’s piece of doodling.

Now, I just transferred to this major, and I still have a lot to learn. I cannot say that I am the best at drawing, but I can say that I know what I am doing. Drawing for me has always been easy because I just had a talent for it when I was only 6-years-old.

The very first drawing of mine was Mickey Mouse and Goofy. After that, I drew many pictures and improved each time. I like to say that each year that I practiced, I improved.

Since I am inspired by art so easily, I want younger children to be inspired as well. I know that most of the subjects that are taught in school are really difficult to certain students, and I do not want them to feel like they are slow or let judgmental people criticize them. I want each and every child to feel like they are good at something.

I also know that art is determined by skill, but that should not stop a child from having fun and learning from their experience. I have never once seen a child who hates to color. I know they are going to have fun. I know they will thrive in it.

When I was younger, my father wanted me to get better, and I improved my art because I liked watching his face smile.

Now, when I go to children’s observation, I let the little children look into my art book. They really like what they see, even though it is Halloween theme at this moment. They are so happy and come up to me showing me their artwork all by themselves. I am proud of each and every single one of them, and I like to call them my children because I like watching them be happy.

If one piece of artwork can brighten up a child, imagine a classroom where they can come and feel safe. I want to create that environment, that relaxation zone, and watch them develop, so I can inspire some of the children to become like me.

So, let me create a safe environment where younger kids can improve their artwork as well.

Let me give them fun activities and happy faces. Let me show them that each and every piece of artwork that I hand to them as a future teacher will be A+. That is why I want to be an art teacher: because I only see a future of bright smiling faces looking up at me.

– Sabrina Royal, Contributing Writer


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