Cape Town To Premier This Week

IMG_4667Mississippi College student Curtis Everitt’s latest film Cape Town premiers on this Friday, Nov.1 at 8 p.m. in the Commons.

Using the movie Cloud Atlas as the main template for his film, Everitt said that he strove to challenge himself by achieving a creative fusion of different stories in Cape Town.

The movie is about a composer who is searching for inspiration for an independent film that he is working on while dealing with depression after being nominated for an award he does not win. He interviews people and listens to their stories. These stories bring his music to life, and the music in turn begins to bring the stories to life.

The soundtrack for the film is a collaborative compositional effort between Everitt and MC pianist Amy Jones. Each segment of the story has specifically designed music to portray attitudes of romance, family, fear, murder, mystery, and foreboding that also identify the three unique themes throughout the film.

Everitt said that although it has some dark elements, Cape Town is really about inspiration and creativity. With Cape Town, Everitt said he attempted to create a mood of discovery for the composer about himself and his abilities. He admits that some aspects of the character are simply exaggerated aspects of himself. Inspiration does not always come easily for him though.

Everitt said, “Creative obstacles can be overcome by effort and perseverance in the face of all odds. If I keep working at something and stay dedicated, I can overcome those creative barriers.” Sometimes he goes out of the country when he needs inspiration.

Everitt has been making movies seriously since 2004. However, since 2007, his movie company Saint Studios has made 15 feature films including many shorts. He feels like he has a lot of stories to tell that hopefully people will identify with.

He said, “Ultimately, you make movies for yourself. If you don’t, you might as well be lying to yourself.

“Criticism of others is not something that should bring you down. Any insult to my movies is just a spurn to try harder. If there’s just one person out there who likes my movies, then I’m happy with that.”

Everitt also said that he likes to make genre films and tries to reach a large audience through those genres. This latest movie is called Cape Town because it is in the superhero genre.

“Cape Town as a creative experiment is the most personal project that I’ve ever made,” Everitt said. He added that he is not sure that people will understand it, but he hopes that people will be able to appreciate the great amount of work that was involved.

Cape Town serves as a “Facade to tell the story in a different way.” The stories are actually an illusion for the eye. The audience gets to see a story as the composer sees it in his imagination.

Out of the total cast of 35 people, 80% are MC students or alumni, and a few faculty members were involved in some capacity. Kim Dingess, an MC graduate student, wrote the script for the film. Bethany Kuhn, current Collegian Reporter, acts in the role of one of the villains in Cape Town. One of the film’s stars, Jesse Hughes, who plays the detective Rush, has  also been in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film Maggie and James Franco’s The Sound and The Fury.

– Bethany Kuhn, Reporter


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