Follies: A Tradition That Keeps Getting Better

Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 1.48.21 PMOne of Mississippi College’s biggest Homecoming traditions stepped up its game this past weekend. Follies, which took place on Friday, October 25 in Swor Auditorium, drew in crowds of students, parents, and alumni in a line that wrapped around the building before the doors even opened.

In fact, there were so many people who wanted to watch the production that there was a live stream being shown in the Piazza for those who could not get into Swor.


Sticking to the theme of “Tradition Never Graduates,” Follies hosts Caleb Jett and Morgan Tynes traveled back in time to MC’s past decades while they introduced the skits that are part of an almost 30 year tradition.

“Follies was stressful, but it was great working with Morgan,” Jett said. “She is the biggest encourager. Follies took a lot of time, but it was all worth it.”


Of course, most of the work was done by the pledges of the clubs and tribes. They gave up much more than just their time to make Follies a success. But most of the pledges agree that despite the weeks of many sleepless nights, Follies preparations and the Rush process as a whole have brought their pledge classes closer together.

Megan Hatcher, a Kissimmee pledge said that Follies was “kind of stressful, but it was totally worth it.”

“It was so much fun, win or lose,” said Swannanoa Pledge Katherine Farmer. “It was good to see everyone come together. I’m just excited to get some sleep now.”

“It was like getting pumped up for a championship game,” said Madison Wheat, a Nenamoosha pledge. “I loved the anticipation of seeing how it would play out.”

“Follies was difficult,” Rotaract pledge David Franklin said. “But to see our rush class come together to accomplish what we came to do was worth it. It was great knowing that we left everything we had on stage.”

Laguna pledge Brooke Griffith said, “Follies rehearsals were super fun and God-focused. It was stressful at times, but we all got super pumped when it was time to perform.”


“It was fun getting to work with everyone,” said Brian Sanders of Kokoa. “We’ve become tighter as brothers, and Follies created a special bond between all of us.”

“It’s stressful, but it pays off,” said Ely Wolfe, one of Swannanoa’s Follies Chairs. “Getting to know the pledges and seeing them work together inspires you to get to know your sisters more.”

This year, an emphasis was placed on including live singing in the Follies performances, giving members and pledges of the different clubs and tribes a chance to show off their musical talent and setting the bar that much higher for Follies to come.

Civitan Men’s Club received 1st place in Follies with their own version of Les Miserables, followed by Laguna Social Tribe for 2nd with their production of Annie, and Shawreth Men’s Club in 3rd with Skyfall.

“We were looking for overall quality and excellence,” said Reid Vance, one of the judges for Follies. “It’s not about just one aspect such as dancing or acting. We were looking for a well-rounded presentation. The winners clearly put in a lot of time and energy into preparation. They involved a lot of members, and they really seemed to enjoy putting on a good show.”

– Abbie Walker, News Editor


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