Senate Says…


So far, the MC Senate has passed 4 bills this semester. In Resolution 2013-14-01, they requested that speed bumps be installed in the parking lot behind Hederman and Gunter. The speed bumps would require cars to go slower through the parking lot and provide more safety for pedestrians. Resolution 2013-14-02 requested that the Saturday hours of the Commons be changed from 12pm-12am to 1pm-1am. These hours would allow students to have more time to enjoy the Commons on the weekend after sporting events and other events. Resolution 2013-14-03 requested that the member cap of CAB be raised by 5 members. The Senate reasons that by raising the cap CAB will be better able to plan and execute the large events students enjoy. Resolution 2013-14-05 requested that faculty and Honors Council consider only the ACT or SAT score relevant to the subject areas of an honors class a student wishes to join. They will now look at the individual subject scores not the composite scores.

Each bill that has been passed so far has affected different areas of our students’ life. So far there have been very positive reactions to the bills passed through senate. With Bill 01– There was a safety problem due to speeding in the West, Hederman/Gunter/Mary Nelson parking lot. Now cars must go slower through this lot making it safer for pedestrians. Bill 02 was designed to create more community on campus by changing the hours in the student hang out space. Now students can hangout and fellowship in the Commons for another hour at night instead of an hour in the early afternoon when there was very little activity. The CAB chair requested Bill 03. CAB events are such a vital part of campus life that the Senate wanted to give them all the tools they needed to insure a great year of events. Bill 05 was a result of students who had a desire to take honors classes who were unable to because their composite scores did not meet the standards. Now students are able to take an honors class as long as that subjects score meets with the requirements.

SGA’s efforts over the last few years to be as transparent with the student body as possible is exemplified in their web page, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts where students can keep up with what is happening on a weekly basis. Some of the Bills require an amendment to the Tomahawk, if that is the case the student body has to vote to approve it. They have senators at the voting polls to answer any questions about the bill. The Bill is also available at the poll.

Margaret Taylor Senate Reporter is really excited about the progress the Senate has made this semester. “We had to have elections for incoming freshman and transfer senators at the beginning of the year. We are happy with what we have accomplished so far but we have plans for many more bills for this semester.”

Senators love suggestions and ideas from students. The Senate welcomes more ideas and opinions from the student body, because that way they can better represent them. They encourage students to ask their senators about bills or ideas. Administration also offers ideas for bills, and the student representatives do their best to take those ideas and tailor them to the students’ wants/needs.

Each Senator serves on a committee that focuses on a certain part of campus life. The committees are all working on Bills that would best improve that area of campus life. In addition to those committees there is also a committee that was created to look into food services focusing specifically more on Hampstead’s.

Vice President Wilson has done a wonderful job of making positive, lasting changes to campus. Senate and all of SGA has been intentional with the student body to make changes that students want to see. Through Chip’s leadership and the hard work of the senate we have been able to enhance the safety, community, events, and academics of Mississippi College, in just the first three months of the school year.

– Bethany Kuhn, Reporter


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