The State of Country Music

Honestly, county music is crap.130426101707-01-george-jones-0426-horizontal-large-gallery

You mean to tell me that if I want to listen to new music in one of my favorite genres, I have to pick between the likes of Luke Bryan and Florida-Georgia Line? Really? Luke Bryan? He has been on Spring Break for 10 years now. Grow up already; you are 40. And Florida-Georgia Line? Are you kidding me?

I think Brad Pitt once said that, “There’s good music, there’s bad music, then there’s 50 feet of crap. Then there’s Florida-Georgia Line.” I am paraphrasing of course.

I realize that it is easy to pick on Luke Bryan. I get that. And I admit, when I am listening to the radio and he comes on, I will not turn it immediately. But what else is on? It is like choosing between bad food and horrible food. Both are not good.

But that is what it has come down to in country music: choosing between something that is bad and something that is horrible. If you want to listen to songs you have not heard before, you have to choose between two evils.

It is obvious what is wrong with it, and this is cliché, I know, but, there is no more heart in it. And if you do not agree, think about this: what is the last song you heard from a new artist that did not involve singing about going to or coming from some party?

When is the last time you heard anyone sing about anything more than one night and loving some girl that he met that night? When is the last time you heard a song that told a story or a song that made you feel something other than ready to go out?

I heard the words “club” and “T-pain” in a so-called country song the other day. Are you serious? I am not sure what a “T-pain” is, but I know that it should not be in a country song. And I am sure Hank did not do it this way.

George Jones once asked (referring to country singers of the past), “Who’s going to fill their shoes?” Well, George, I do not know. It is certainly not Hunter Hayes. Now, there are exceptions obviously (see Jamey Johnson), but they are the exceptions that only prove the point.

Now if you disagree with me and love how newer country music sounds and portrays it as well as the people it represents, that is perfectly fine. You are defiantly entitled to your own opinion.

To sum it all up, a friend of mine shows horses at rodeos. He dresses up in a pearl snap, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a big belt buckle. He has shown horses for years and could be called an expert.

He saw someone the other day in a cowboy hat that he could tell was just wearing it as a fashion statement. My friend told me that he just knew that, “that boy don’t know nothing about horses. He’s just wearing the hat.”

And that is what country music has come down to: a bunch of people that are just wearing the hat.

– Tyler Cox, Contributing Writer


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