In My Opinion, You Should Read This

It is obvious that a lot of people our age are not sure what they think about regarding a lot of things. With so much of our time and thoughts devoted to our obligations and extracurricular activities, keeping up with our social media connections, and just “hanging out,” it is no wonder we hardly ever consider our opinions.

It is difficult to close out of the Facebook browser and just Google a topic that we are curious about, but it may prove to be detrimental not to do so in the near future. Perhaps sooner than we think, we will become a generation that is over-stimulated by insignificant social issues, and will find ourselves more ignorant than ever before. But the solution is simple.

Just create opinions! Figure out what you believe and why. Discover your preferences and why you prefer them. What is your favorite holiday? Sports team? What do you think about the government? How should a country be run? Starbucks or Cups? What do you think about ADHD? Art? What about animal cruelty? Homosexuality?

Think about deep issues. What do you think about God? Do you believe in God? What is the “right” way for a person to live? What do you think happens after we die? These particular questions demand opinions that could potentially alter the way we think about and do everything in our lives.

This is a plea for people to simply be proactive in realizing what they believe, both mundane and profound, and to hold to their opinions.  It is never okay to stroll through life believing only what you have been told to believe, or liking something simply because someone else likes it.

Do some research; ask yourself some hard questions, stretch yourself beyond what you are used to. I believe the answers are always out there, whether they are easy to find or not.

But, with that being said, leave room for change; do not be afraid to change your opinions. Seek out truth in honesty. Do not let presuppositions, stereotypes, past offenses, or current confusions keep you from seeing something the right way. Truth deserves an honest look.

And if life happens to change your opinions – as life often does – do not become bitter, do not be upset; it is okay! A quote by Victor Hugo says, “Change your opinions, keep to your principles. Change your leaves, keep intact your roots.”  Your beliefs will be purified. If the truth is true, then it is true no matter what, and it should be true for everyone.

– Cameron Hughes, Contributing Writer


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