The Brick Streets Get Bicycle Racks

Clinton’s ever-evolving Olde Towne District has recently obtained a few new additions. The idea to place bicycle racks around Olde Towne was proposed by Main Street Clinton’s design board last year. They incorporated the bicycle rack initiative into their goals for the year, and in early October, the board has witnessed its plans come to fruition.

The bike racks were delivered and installed by Public Works just in time for Main Street’s Fall for Clinton Market on Oct. 12. Two of the racks are located at the north end of the commercial district at the corner of East Leak and Jefferson.

The remaining rack is situated by the public parking lot just behind Leake Street Collections. Between the three bike racks, there are 18 spaces available for cyclists visiting the area. The racks exactly match the trash receptacles throughout Olde Towne, which make them not only a functional but also an aesthetically appealing addition to the area.

Clinton’s Mayor Phil Fisher said he feels that the bike racks will benefit Olde Towne and its visitors.

“With parking at a premium in Olde Towne, we hope the installation of the bike racks encourages more people to visit the area on two wheels,” he said. With so many shops and restaurants prospering, the Olde Towne area is drawing a larger number of visitors than ever.

“We are trying to make Olde Towne as accessible as possible to as many people as possible,” he added.

Main Street Clinton hopes the bike racks will encourage people to see the brick streets from a new perspective: from behind the handlebars of their bikes! To many, visiting Olde Towne feels like coming home, and now it is a place where you can not only hang your hat, but park your bike, too.

– Gwen Matuszewski, Contributing Writer


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