Why We Hate Winners


Why do we hate the great teams? In any sport – Hockey, Baseball, Professional Basketball, Professional Football, or even College Basketball and Football – something inside of cannot stand to watch certain teams win. Why is that?

Look at the NFL. So for you, which team is it that you absolutely hate to watch win? For me, I hate to watch the Dallas Cowboys win. It brings pain to my eyes to see it happen. They are just the team I cannot stand. I do not have a legitimate reason for not liking them; I just do not like them.

Is it the team that we hate to see win? Or is it a certain player? There is a long laundry list of players I hate to see win. I am sure there is for you, too.

There are quite a few reasons that I think we hate to see these teams or players win, one of which would be all the media publicity they get. We are just tired of seeing that name plastered all over ESPN every time you change the channel. It gets old extremely fast, does it not?

You know how every time you turn on ESPN, you see them asking questions like, “Will Tony Romo be able to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl this year?” Or, “What is Tom Brady going to do this year with his awful receiving corps?”

Every time I see those questions, I just want to stand up and scream “WHO CARES?” But that would not get me anywhere at all.

The obvious answer for why these teams get so much news coverage would be because they have been great teams in the past. However, it is not the past anymore; this is the present, where more teams need equal or more credit. The Chiefs are an astounding 9-0 this season after only going 2-14 last year, yet when you turn to any sports station, all you hear is them talking about Tom Brady or the Jets.

The Chiefs’ defense is the best in the league, but all you hear is how the Steelers defense is getting old. Why do teams like the Chiefs not get more credit? I think people have completely underrated them.

But it is not just the Chiefs; they are just one of the main examples I could think of. Who else deserves more credit? A lot of teams!

The Detroit Lions are sitting pretty at 5-3 this year, and they look like a playoff team again. The Carolina Panthers are also 5-3, and Cam Newton has been playing absolutely incredible these past four weeks.

If the Panthers defense keeps playing the same way they have been, and Cam Newton keeps balling out like he has, they might even have a chance at sneaking in there as the 6th seed for the NFC.

The New York Giants and Pittsburg Steelers are prime examples of team that have been amazing in the recent years but this year have dropped off to be nobodies. They have both been Super Bowl winning teams in the past 5 years, but this year those two teams are a collective 4-12.

So what? They are having bad seasons this year. That does not mean we have to hear about them all the time. Those are two teams that will be great once again; it will just take some time.

So, media attention is definitely one reason that we do not like those “good” teams. But what would be another? I would have to say arrogance. It is funny how when someone starts out at something, they are humble, but as soon as they start getting those endorsements and begin winning, they turn into someone that you cannot stand to hear about at all.

Do not misunderstand me; there are definitely great players who have remained humble their whole careers, and those are generally the people you love to hear about. I will use Tim Tebow as an example. The reason people do not like him is certainly not because of how prideful he is.

The reason no one likes Tim Tebow is because for a year and a half, that is all anyone ever heard about. “Tim Tebow this, Tim Tebow that.” He has many fans that love him as a person but got tired of hearing about him in the midst of “Tebowmania.”

So if you do not like a certain team or player because they get talked about too much, you probably dislike them for how arrogant they are. Altogether, you probably hate them because they are more successful than your team.

– Joseph Dugger, Contributing Writer


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