New pods on the way

untitledFor the first time since the late 1990’s, Mississippi College has made plans to build much needed new residence halls to ease the strains on on-campus housing partially due to the record breaking freshman class last fall and gradually increasing enrollment over the past decade.

Construction is scheduled to begin in April or May of this year. Completion is hoped to be achieved by the Fall of 2015.

Sharia Brock, Assistant Director of Student Life for Residence Life, says construction for new residence halls will be more of an apartment style where each person in the apartment has their own bedroom, and there are two bathrooms that conjoining rooms will share.  The living/dining room area will be shared by all four students in the apartment.

Some of buildings will be designated to men and some to women.  Each pod building will hold roughly 23 students.

Emily Smith, a senior social work major, agrees, “We definitely need more apartment style housing, because it gives more freedom and independence to students especially to do their own thing. For people, who are doing internships or student teaching, living in a dorm isn’t really practical.”

Dr. Steve Stanford, Vice President for Administration and Government Relations at Mississippi College, states, “These units will offer students an attractive residential option and assist us in meeting our current demands for campus housing. This project also enables us to further extend MC’s activities onto the East Campus.”

There is no official name for these buildings at this time. The term “pods” has been used because we did not want to refer to these as apartments, and because they are not traditional residence halls.

Each of the eight buildings will have six separate units, each of which will house four students. Each unit will have four private bedrooms, two full baths, a water closet, a common living area and a kitchenette.

A total of 190 beds will be available, after adjusting space for a resident director and two units for special needs accommodation. We are still finalizing the exact locations for the 8 pods but they will be located on the east campus.

Decisions will be made at a later time regarding the students who will be allowed to request units, and the cost per student.

The efforts to improve the quality of students’ residences could not be more of a welcome for those who will be around to enjoy them. Seniors, I’m sorry, but we’re out of luck.

– Bethany Kuhn, Reporter


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