Throwback Thursday: Whitt Weekly offers humorous look at MC’s problems

In the fall of 2000, a few students launched an online satirical publication about happenings at Mississippi College, called the “Whit Weekly”.  The students addressed light topics such as campus parking and chapel, to serious ones such as budget cuts leading to dozens of university employees losing their jobs.  The articles were written from a humorous angle in hopes of bringing some cheer and laughter to campus.

After hearing about the “Whit Weekly”, I got a chance to learn the origins of the newspaper from the MC graduates who were behind the satirical publication almost 15 years ago. Check back on the Collegian’s website tomorrow to find a story about the creators of the publication and their recollection of the life of the “Whit Weekly”.

– Jordyn Gunn, Online Editor


Whitt Weekly offers humorous look at MC’s problems, The Mississippi Collegian, April 17, 2000


Budget cuts, parking concerns, chapel requirements and cafeteria woes.  These all are areas of concern for just about every MC student.  In response to this, a few students here on campus have decided to take these concerns and develop a website exploring these issues with humorous sarcasm.

Their vehicle is a mock newspaper called “Whitt Weekly” and can be found on the internet by typing in the URL:  This web site was created by a few freshmen, who wish to remain anonymous.  They reside in Whittington Hall.

This website looks at the lighter side of many issues on campus.  Having gained access to this web site, one may choose to go in many different routes.  The “pic of the week” offers viewers a taste of visual humor.  An example of a pic from a previous issue was a picture that showed a stopped-up sink in the freshmen dorm.  These pictures are usually accompanied by a sarcastic attempt at written humor.

Viewers can also take a look at the Whitt Watch.  This explores the dorm life in Whittington Hall.  Previous issues have poked fun at drug raids by the Clinton Police Department with their K-9’s.

One of the latest headlines has used the top 10 format mocking late-night television shows such as The Letterman Show.  A recent top 10 list offered solutions to MC’s recent budget crisis.  One of the solutions is to stop giving out pickles with every meal at Hampstead’s.

Senior Matt Calvert offered his opinion of the top 10 and the web site in general.  “I think these guys have serious issues.  If they have enough spare time to create a website bashing the school, then they should spend their time more wisely like playing a round of golf or getting a job,” said Calvert.

Joe Fertitta is a junior nursing major at MC.  He agrees with Calvert after assessing the website.  “I would think it was funny if I were in sixth grade,” he said.  “If they are going to spend all that time making fun of the school, they should be more constructive and try supporting the school that offers them an education.”

Not everyone sees it the same way however.  Senior Mandy Deweese likes the website.  “I think it is good that we can look at the problems on our campus and laugh a little.  With all the problems arising on our campus lately, we should realize that, hey, it’s almost summer – who cares?”

Whether you are a fan of the “Whitt Weekly” or not, this is a legitimate website.  It is well thought out and looks professional.  The people who take the time and energy to put this information on the Internet definitely know what they are doing.  Archive issues are also easy to access.

Almost every major concern and most important events on campus are covered with a twist of humor and can give surfers of the net a chuckle or two.

Corey Fitzgerald thinks the website is good for MC students.  “It’s about time people loosen up on this campus.  Everyone is always so serious and reluctant to cut up and have a good time.  Sometimes its okay to make a joke about something serious as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone,” she said.

If you decide to visit this website, you will notice there is a big icon reading “disclaimer.”  Clicking on this icon will let everyone know that this site is meant as a joke and is in no way intended to hurt anyone.  It also states that this publication is not affiliated with the school in any way.

One thing is for sure – this website is like none other.  If you’re looking for a laugh, check it out for yourself.

By Jimmy Dottolo, Collegian Staff Writer


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