Beth Masters impacting students one cup of coffee at a time

BM_benchBeth Masters is the associate director for Christian Development at Mississippi College, and as she enters her second semester in the position, she is excited to continue pouring out into students.

Masters grew up in Tampa, Fla., the place most of her family still calls home.  She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of West Florida in Pensacola, where she found a home in the Baptist Collegiate Ministry.

“That’s when I really fell in love with college ministry,” Masters said, her smile indicating just the beginning of the story.

After seeking God’s will, Masters found herself at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where she stayed for the next nine years. She earned her Masters of Divinity and began making plans to pursue a doctorate in communication.

Nothing was working out, and eventually she realized God wanted her at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where she worked towards a doctorate in Christian education. Throughout this time, Beth was working in college ministry at the University of New Orleans, as well as, teaching graduate students at the seminary.

Masters describes this as her “dream job”—taking the Christian students out of classrooms and onto campuses, where they began to learn how to make disciples. In the midst of this dream, Masters knew God was calling her to move on.

“I fought it,” she admits, but God had other plans. “I felt Him saying, ‘You can have everything you’ve asked me for here, or you can trust me for more.’”

Masters began seeking an opportunity to follow her calling. After a year of searching and applying and wondering, a deadline approached. On May 31, 2013, Masters found herself with a Ph.D. and no job, wondering where to start.

She had previously applied at Mississippi College, only to be turned down because no positions were available. Then, on June 5, 2013, Eric Pratt, the vice-president of Christian development, called her with a job offer.

Masters accepted a position as the associate director for Christian development, which is a multi-faceted job to say the least. Masters explained her position as similar to a campus minister, but from an institutional standpoint.

She works with teams of people to coordinate campus ministries and weekly chapel services, as well as connecting with local churches and college pastors to help MC students find local church homes. Masters develops relationships with students through various ministries and said she hopes she is a resource and an encouragement to students.

Relationships with students are the most important part of the job, according to Masters.  Various ministries and events put students in her pathway, and she takes advantage of the chance to disciple and mentor.

“I love just sitting down over a cup of coffee, asking questions, and getting to know someone’s story,” Masters said.

Through her church, First Baptist Jackson, Masters has led a small group Bible study for girls and began to intentionally disciple them.

She also mentors through scheduled meetings, as well as random encounters and chats in hallways, but she makes sure her goals are always to listen, love, and not judge.

“I hope to impart Christ’s love and biblical truth,” Masters said. “I do not have all the answers but through scripture, other people, resources, and wrestling with the Lord we can find an answer or get pretty close.”

Masters’ goal for her life and for her work at MC is to point people to Christ in all that she does, and her positive influence on our campus is a perfect reflection of that mindset.

– Alexa Jenkins, Contributing Writer


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