Business School host annual Ethics Week

Yet another learning opportunity has come again to Mississippi College’s campus. The MC School of Business will host the third annual L.D. Jordan Faith & Business Ethics Week from Feb. 10-14.

During this week, professors are encouraged to discuss faith and ethics in business. Also prominent business leaders come to speak and even teach some classes, and this year’s headliner for the event is Chik-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy who will speak a luncheon on Feb. 13.

“It is an integral part of what our mission is,” said Marcelo Eduardo, dean of the MC School of Business, “We want to produce students that are talented and skilled when it comes to business knowledge but we want them to go beyond that. To be terrifically aware of the impact they can make on people’s lives after they graduate.”

Eduardo felt that it is important for the students to have that balance of work and spiritual focus.

“That’s the way we have been made. Clearly, it is important to be successful in our professional ventures, but if that is all to your life then I would argue that it is a fairly empty life.

“One of the things that we are so committed to do at a place like Mississippi College is to go beyond that and to hopefully in some way direct and guide people to things that go one more step above just jobs.”

Caleb Ward, a junior accounting major, said “I think it is extremely important. We go to a Christian college and we are taught excellence on an academic level, but life is much more than that. Being able to learn from people who have mastered the balance of walking in integrity and to succeed in business is extremely important.”

On Wednesday and Thursday the business leaders will be coming to speak in class on normal class times. Some of the guest speakers will be:  Larry Cox, President, Steel Service Corp. Keyes Hayes, Franchise Restaurant Operator, Chick-fil-A Robert Watson, Dealer, Watson Quality Ford Don Jordan, Entrepreneur Kelley Williams Jr. Claude Harberger, President, St. Dominic Health Service, David Ash, Attorney, Taggart, Rimes & Graham, PLLC, Lisa Usry, General Counsel at Tenax Aerospace, LLC David Hederman, Pastor of Grace City Church Tara Hayes, Director of Talent and Leadership, Chick-fil-A, Oscar Miskelly, Miskelly Furniture

School of Business secretary Racquel Walker said, “It’s a process putting it all together and getting these prominent business leaders on campus. It does not happen overnight. We are very excited for the names of those who will be here.”

The speakers were chose based on past associations with MC. alumni of the college, or friends of the university.

Eduardo said he is looking forward to the impact that students will receive from listening to speakers like Dan Cathy.

“I look forward to our students learning from the kind of leaders that they would like to emulate,” he added.

– James Osborne, Contributing Writer


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