Touchscreens rewards for Campus Dining

cardMississippi College students probably have noticed the new touchscreen pads that have appeared on the counters of several on-campus dining locations. These devices are part of a new rewards program that offers students a chance to earn free beverages.

The touchpads, which are contracted from a company called Text Living, have been installed on campus at Pimento’s, the Commons, the library coffee shop, and the smoothie shop at the Healthplex.

The program has been used by other colleges, including Samford University and was successful among students there. The head of campus dining at Mississippi College, Mike Prince, said that MC thought it would be a great idea to try the system as well.

Students can sign up at any time by following the instructions on the keypads and entering their cell phone numbers.

When purchasing a beverage at Pimento’s, a regular coffee at the library or the Commons, or a smoothie at the Healthplex, students must simply enter their phone numbers onto the touchscreen pads and the system will keep track of their rewards points.

After every seventh purchase, students receive a text message that rewards them with a free drink or regular coffee for their next visit.

“One of our goals this year was to utilize Twitter and we feel that Text Living better accomplishes this goal as it can be used to market, track and promote our retail brands,” said Prince. “Students will benefit from the savings earned as well as specials promoted throughout the semester.”

The rewards program is 100 percent voluntary, and anyone with a cellphone can sign up, including customers that are not MC students. Those worried about receiving soliciting text messages need only make sure that they do not check the box to receive any extra information when they sign up.

“Even though I’m just using points,” says Charlotte Walker, a junior at MC. “It’s still an incentive because I feel like I’m saving money.”

MC campus dining hopes to continue making more changes this semester that benefit students.

– Abbie Walker, News Editor


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