What football taught us in 2013

Now that the football season is over we have nothing to look forward to on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, let us review what we have learned this past season.

One thing we can take away from the college football season is that we can never overlook any team on your schedule. No one expected the National Championship to be Florida State vs. Auburn. Auburn had the greatest turn-around ever in college football history, and Florida State had a season no one expected, starting a freshman as quarterback.

Another thing college football taught us is that even the greatest teams can lose. If Alabama had not lost to Auburn on that amazing field goal returned for a touchdown with one second left, the National Championship would have looked a lot different. Alabama likely would have been in the game and likely would have won. The season could have ended up a lot differently, but that is what we love about sports: the fact that on any given day any team can win.

We can also take away from this season the end of the BCS. The BCS was a big question mark when it first began, because it uses computers to decide where teams should be ranked. We can look forward to the new playoff system that we will see next season, which should be interesting.

A couple of things we can look forward to for the college season next year is the new playoff system, which should be interesting to see how it works out. The expectations for Florida State are through the roof, with Jameis Winston returning for his sophomore season.

How are teams that have been historically good in the past going to fare in the 2014 season? Teams like Alabama, Oregon, and Stanford? The big question mark is something that makes us football fans keep wanting to watch. Skepticism leads to anticipation, and everyone anticipates a great season next year.

With the NFL season ending the way it did, with a more interesting Pro Bowl than Super Bowl, it leaves quite a few fans upset. The Seahawks absolutely dominated every single aspect of the Super Bowl. One interesting thing from this season that you can see was the success of first-year head coaches.

In San Diego, Mike McCoy took the Chargers to the playoffs in his first season and turned Phillip Rivers around from the turmoil that was last season. In Philadelphia, Chip Kelly, a great college coach, also took the Eagles to the playoffs in his first year.

There was a big question mark of who the quarterback for them would be at the beginning of the year with Michael Vick and Nick Foles fighting for the starting position. Nick Foles eventually got the starting spot and had an amazing season.

The Chiefs had a lot of talent in 2012 but ended up being the laughing stock of the NFL; however, as soon as Andy Reid came to town, they took off in a way not many people anticipated.

What can we look forward to for the NFL season next year? The Seahawks and Broncos should be two of the greatest teams once again. The Houston Texans should have a great season with a new head coach and a new quarterback. They were one of the biggest let downs of last season. When the season started, the Texans were expected to be Super Bowl contenders and ended up being terrible to watch.

A few more teams we can look forward to being interesting are the Titans, Lions, Redskins, Buccaneers, Vikings, and Browns. These are all teams with new head coaches. As we learned last year, teams with new head coaches can always end up being fun to watch.

The next season of football, both college and professional, should be as exciting as ever.  The expectations are high for many teams. No one can possibly know what the world of football will look like this time next season.

One thing we do know is that watching great teams compete every week will be as fun as it always is. The NFL will look a lot different next year, but nothing will look as different as college football. The new playoff system will be a real game changer, and that is something to look forward to.

– Joseph Dugger, Contributing Writer


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