Writing Center launches online scheduling

Leland Speed Library is one of the more formidable buildings on the campus of Mississippi College, large in size and full of knowledge. Some know the building and its contents thoroughly. Others have yet to venture into it fully. It is a place students can go to work on a project, find information on a topic, and maybe even enjoy some pleasurable reading.

However, the library houses a hidden gem–the MC Writing Center.writing

Practically sharing a space with the Learning Resource Center, the MC Writing Center is a place where students can improve as a writer. In the past, students wishing to tap into the help provided at the WC had to schedule a writing appointment by either physically going to or calling the Writing Center.

While these methods do indeed work, a new, more advanced system is now being used.

This semester, it launched mc.mywconline.com, a website that allows users to schedule a writing appointment from wherever they are. For anyone needing help figuring out how to use WC Online, there is a video tutorial on YouTube entitled “MC Writing Center Appointment How-to Video” which students can find by searching “MC writing center online.”

Steven Price, director of the Writing Center, said that it is a place where students can have, “peer collaboration, student to student.”

He added that it is like, “getting another set of eyes,” welcoming its services to students working at all levels and stages of the writing process.

“One of the misconceptions is that you only come to the Writing Center if you are bad at writing,” Price said.

Last semester alone, the MC Writing Center had over 1200 visits, making it one of the most visited writing centers in the state. However, many are hoping to streamline scheduling these visits and follow up with writers.

Price seemed quite pleased with the implementation of WC Online at the writing center. He said it would be much easier for students to make appointments to visit the WC because it allows them to do so from their mobile devices with internet capability.

Charlotte Walker, a Writing Center receptionists and a junior at MC, said, “It makes my job easier. It’s more organized, and it makes data collection a lot easier.”

WC Online, while helpful, is not perfect. One concern of a writing tutor is that students may view appointments made online as less of a commitment than if they were made in person.

The Writing Center staff encourages students to view making an appointment online as a commitment that should not be flippantly disregarded.

All students are welcome to take advantage of the free service of the MC Writing Center. The services the tutors provide go beyond just proofreading papers; they can help students become better writers overall.

As one of the writing tutors said, “To write is to be human; to express meaning in beauty; to travel across the sea of experiences–the swells of joy and the storms of grief. To write is to live.”

– Jesse Chaser, Contributing Writer


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