From Mosaic to Restoration to Celebration

To some students, the weeklong event at Mississippi College known as Mosaic is fairly recognizable. This event, held in previous years, focused on spiritual emphasis and allowed students to participate in various activities throughout the week. However, due to low attendance in recent years, MC decided to replace Mosaic with a similar event named Restoration.Mosaic1

However, Restoration, which was originally planned for Mar. 22 of this semester, was cancelled.

“Restoration was going to be a weekend conference that we as a student government formed to replace Mosaic,” said Dakota Bibbs, a senior SGA member at MC.

“In the past, Mosaic had been a big success, but in recent years, it had very low attendance. In order to have a higher attendance and overall quality of event, we decided to condense the event into a weekend.”Mosaic2

Restoration, however, was not brought to fruition due to a variety of reasons.

“The student Leadership Team that was handling preparations was down to a single person,” said the Vice President for Christian Development Eric Pratt.

“Limited publicity had been created, and we believed that the resources needed to make Restoration happen could better be used in other efforts to reach students, gather believers together for worship and renewal, and plan future events that would have a larger and more diverse leadership base and hopefully make a bigger impact for Christ on the MC campus and the surrounding community.”

However, the ideas surrounding Mosaic and Restoration have not been forgotten. The efforts and energy put forth for Restoration will be redirected into an event known as “The Celebration.”

The Will Graham Celebration will take place on the weekend of Mar. 28-30.

The Mississippi College Coliseum will be packed on Friday, Mar. 28 with over 3,500 people to worship with the Rhett Walker Band and Paul Balache and hear the teachings of Will Graham, grandson of preacher Billy Graham.

Saturday, Mar. 29 will welcome award-winning hip-hop artist Tedashii and the Afters to lead worship before Graham presents another message. “The Celebration” will close with a final message from Graham and performances by Matthew West and Canton Jones on Sunday, Mar. 30 at 4 p.m.

“It is our hope that all MC students will take part in the celebration,” said Pratt. “Hundreds of people have been praying and preparing for this weekend in hope of sparking a revival and a Spiritual Awakening at MC and across Central Mississippi. Students can get involved now by praying for the celebration and telling others about it.”

On Mar. 15, there will be a community-wide outreach effort in order to further promote the event. Students will be able to help rebuild houses throughout South Jackson while encouraging locals about Christ.

In another effort to encourage participation in the Will Graham Celebration, chapel credits will be offered to those who attend any of the following events: Community Outreach on Mar. 15; Celebration services on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; and KidFest on Mar. 29 at 10 a.m. A total of five chapel credits can be received by attending these events.

“I hope that every MC student will take advantage of this opportunity and pray that the body of Christ will be restored and renewed and that non-believers will be reached by the truth of the Gospel,” said Pratt.

– Ashley Gressett, Contributing Writer


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