What is the plan for Hampstead’s?

HampsteadsThough the hoped-for installment of a Chick-fil-A on MC’s campus next year is no longer in the works, the school is still pushing to improve campus dining, specifically at Hampstead’s Grill.

MC administration, campus dining, and the student government have been working together to come up with a reasonable plan for how to create a better eating experience at a location often thought of as slow and boring.

Renovations to Hampstead’s are planned for this summer. The goal is to create a more comfortable place for students to not only eat meals, but also for them to hang out—a space similar to the Tuscany’s that many upperclassmen remember.

“The specifics and plans will be worked out over the next few months. Work will be addressed during the summer,” said Steve Stanford, the Vice President for Administration and Government Relations.

According to Stanford, MC wants Hampstead’s to feel less like fast food and more like a sit down restaurant, which would involve closing off the kitchen from view and completely remodeling the layout and seating area of the space.

“Efforts have been made and will continue to be made post-renovation, to provide a combination of current Hampstead’s food offerings and cuisine options formerly available at Tuscany’s,” said Stanford.

The MC Student Government Association surveyed over 300 students, asking them what changes they would like to see at Hampstead’s. According to SGA Vice President Chip Wilson, the main desire was for a change in hours. Therefore, the plan is to put Hampstead’s on a schedule similar to the Commons, allowing students to get hot foods later at night.

“Also, we changed the menu up–brought back the personal pizzas,” said Wilson. “And the sour dough buns should be making their debut here soon.”

A name change is also in the works, the option currently being “Hillman’s.” Wilson thinks that changing the name, along with all the other renovations, will complete the Hampstead’s makeover and help “take away the negative connotation involved with the name it currently has.”

“All in all, I think the changes will be a great asset to MC, and it will be something we can call our own,” Wilson said.

Mike Prince, head of campus dining at MC, assures that though suggestions are being taken into account and overall planning has begun, no specific decisions about Hampstead’s future have been made.

Prince said, “We are about three to four weeks from presenting the new plans to the SGA, which will outline more specifically the changes Hampstead’s will undergo this summer.”

While a Chick-fil-A on campus may no longer be an option, students can at least look forward to having a brand new campus dining hang-out spot when they return in fall 2014.

– Abbie Walker, News Editor


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