Your opinions don’t make change

Each generation is full of them. Each person has plenty of them. Always available. “They” are opinions. Views, beliefs, interpretations. There is not a person on the planet that does not have any sort of an opinion. Whether it is why the Dallas Cowboys would be better without Jerry Jones or that the summer is better than all other seasons.

Opinions could include how your religion is the “correct” or “only” one, or it could be your perspective on politics and the proper socioeconomic approach for each government department. The latter examples of opinions (religion, politics, crime, community understanding) may be described as a worldview.

All of us have our own worldview opinions. We were raised differently by and with different people in different places. Our environments, struggles, victories, and personalities have all shaped how we see the world as we know it.

Unfortunately, with all these views concerning the world, the world is not being changed by our views. In fact, the world seems to be more and more cluttered as more and more world views are being put out and about on blogs, Facebook statuses, Instagram pictures, memes, and Twitter hashtagging.

What I mean is that our generation of young people and youth are pouring forth their opinions and joining new opinionated movements and organizations at probably the most rapid rate ever before (just an observational guess).

Before this technologically advanced age, you only knew the opinions of some people in your town and around the area, including the news paper and some TV hosts. Yet, in such a cluttered opinionated time, the world is not changing because of everybody’s world view.

You list the people group, and there is a cause. You name the political party, and you have a plethora of groups on campuses and in city meetings. Hate crime? You have a support group seeking to reveal the heinous deeds done.

All good opinions, and good meaning people, but with all these opinions, hopes, dreams to change the world, and plans, we must ask the question, “How much is the world changing?”

By believing something, hotly debating it on status feeds, and going to meetings to discuss new stats, we will not change the world. Being able to refute the opposing views will not really change the world, though, it may make someone more upset with you because you are still talking without allowing them to fully express their own opinions.

Being able to post pictures and memes that mock a certain political party’s agenda will not advance your agenda, and in fact, it just makes more bitter people. And finally, just because you know facts, great quotes, quips, and cut-downs does not make you an expert.

The best argument is action. The best opinion is undergirded by experience. The most mature and sturdy beliefs are upheld by a full understanding.

Do you believe that it is correct to do drug tests on those who receive aid for groceries? Perhaps the best action you can take is not to yell how ridiculous you think the current situation is, but, rather, go find a ministry that will be with those families, so you can better understand who you are discussing, their situation, and the kids that are affected in it all.

Do you think that the right-wing agenda is disgusting and ignorant? Perhaps spending time around those who are on the ground serving the city with your beliefs is the best thing that will help you push your opinions and change the landscape. Do you think that America needs to pay more attention to missionaries abroad who are forgotten?

Write a letter, and do not just believe in the change, but “be the change.” Do you see your Bible through a more reformed bend? Spending time with those who do not see it the same will help you understand opposing (Christian brother’s/sister’s) view points, allow yourself a humbling opportunity, and gain yourself some sort of respect to speak into the lives of others.

Do you have some hot opinions and beef with the church? Why not be one who gives yourself to the reformation of the church, spending time to love those you disagree with, not to be the rejection of it?

My encouragement, from my own struggles and embarrassing failures in the past and nowadays, is that you take your beliefs, and give yourself to being the hands and feet to further your cause, not just utter it or write about it, and that you give yourself to listen and be amongst those you disagree with.

– Michael McGee, Contributing Writer


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