Voting Turnt Up on MC Campus

Today is the day to make your voice heard on the campus of Mississippi College. Today’s Campus Activities Board event for Spring Fever Week is “Voting Turnt Up,” where students can vote for the next members of the Student Council.

This year the students running for executive council are: Chip Wilson, a junior Spanish Major from Millington, Tenn. who is running for president, Eric Anderson, a sophomore Communication major from Austin, TX running for vice president, Mary McRae, a sophomore Math major who is also running for vice president, Elyssa Lambert running for secretary, Hector Tanco, a junior Accounting major from Puerto Rico running for treasurer, Hunter Sandoval, a junior running for CAB chairperson, and Alex Hendry, a junior English-Writing major from Ellisville who is running for the new position of Christian Development Chairperson (CDC). The goal of the CDC position is to have a student representative to administration on all things involved with spiritual life on campus like campus ministries, Chapel, Restoration, the Big Event, and other Christian emphasis events.

All of the candidates have previous leadership experience on campus and have big plans for next year.

Last week the candidates met for a public forum in the student commons called “BeinFourmed.” This event was the first of its kind and Chick-fil-A sandwiches were provided for the students who came. The candidates discussed their goals for their leadership positions once elected and spoke professionally with confidence and humor.

“This is our first year to do this,” said Edward Moak, current SGA president. “How we used to do this was above the Caf and it was very uninviting and we didn’t have food. So I think it’s going very well for its first year. I love the idea of the Chick-fil-A and that really entices people to stick around. We made it more casual and we really want it to be seen that way. It’s more comfortable and inviting.”

The candidates at BeinFourmed seemed to have an unofficial theme of putting God first, serving the student body, and making SGA and the Executive Council as reachable for students as possible and to make sure the voice of the students is heard. Anderson said that his main goal as vice president would be to make sure God is glorified through everything. Sandoval said “If we are not doing everything in love and building up the body of Christ then it is for nothing.”

The candidates also had the crowds roaring with laughter like when the candidates were asked if they were trapped on an island which three students or faculty would they want with them and Lambert responded “I would only take one, Dr. Royce, because he has a boat.”

The only two competing candidates spoke with great respect for each other. McRae said “Eric is a great guy. He’s very passionate about everything that he does, and he does it all for God’s glory. No matter what the results are, I have no doubt that next year’s Senate will be in good hands.”

Moak said that his advice to new SGA members is “I think one of the biggest things to keep in mind is that you are representing everyone. Have fun with it but take it seriously.”

– James Osborne, Contributing Writer


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