Healthplex offers lifeguard certification class

For those students seeking a summer job, lifeguarding is always one to consider. This semester, the Baptist Healthplex will be offering lifeguard certification courses for those interested in learning the skills necessary to save lives.

During the month of April, two courses will be available for students to earn an American Red Cross Lifeguard Training and First Aid Certification that lasts for three years, as well as a one-year CPR and AED certification.

Course No. 1 will take place April 2nd and run from the 4th to 6th, while Course No. 2 will be April 23rd and run 25th to the 27th. Both courses are the same, but they are split up to offer more availability for those interested in becoming lifeguard-certified.

“Lifeguarding is a very fun and rewarding job,” said Kassi Lee, the aquatics director at the Baptist Healthplex. “It teaches responsibility as well as discipline.”

The classes will be led by instructor Madel Perez and will alternate between the Healthplex and Alumni pool.

Each course costs $195 for Healthplex members and $220 for nonmembers. Although the price might seem expensive to college students, Lee assures that the investment is worth it.

“In order to pursue a lifeguarding job, you must have a lifeguard certification.  Some pool jobs can last year round if you work at an indoor pool,” said Lee.

Those who take the course will have the opportunity to improve their swimming skills, gain more knowledge of water safety, and most importantly, learn how to save lives.

Students will be expected to pass all of the pre-course skills listed in the course syllabus, as well as a written test, before being able to continue in the program.

Lee encourages students to go ahead and contact local pools, daycares and camps about lifeguard position openings for the summer. Sometimes facilities will even pay for students’ certification if they agree to work for the summer.

“Everyone who loves the water should consider taking a lifeguard course,” said Lee. “The certification lasts for three years and so it’s a great investment of your time.”

For more information, contact the Baptist Healthplex at 601-925-7900. Registration forms, syllabi, and schedule for the class are available at the front desk. Students may also contact Kassi Lee at 601-925-7909.

– Abbie Walker, News Editor


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