Noah’s new Ark

noahWhat seems to be a revolution for Old Testament Bible verses may just be a washed up fairy tale. As I walked into the theatre, just down the road from Mississippi College, I was expecting the craziest of interpretations of the classical children’s story.

Even in this country of religious tolerance, the Noah movie has gotten all the attention it had tried to achieve. The National Religious Broadcasters actually threatened to boycott the movie unless Paramount, the film’s distributor and co-financier with New Regency, issued a disclaimer that the movie is not a literal interpretation of the Genesis story.

However, as many viewers may not realize, Noah is still in fact a “movie.” It is not a prayer or a call to sermon. It was simply created to entertain, inspire and to generate revenue. It does not presume to encourage religious conversion, disrespect a prophet or evangelize to viewers, though it does glorify virtue in the highest.

As for entertainment I can confidently say that if you liked Gladiator, Braveheart, or Titanic, you will most likely enjoy this movie. Considering the clear amount of violence and gore, Noah presents enough blood and guts to satisfy the hardest of movie watchers. Note that the only reason Titanic makes the cut is the essential love story, or two, without which no story floats.

And honestly, let us face it, Russell Crowe is Noah in the money making industry. From one whom you would not mind hearing “Would you like to see my boat?”

Add to the cast Anthony Hopkins playing Methuselah, Yoda-esque in his ancient wisdom; Jennifer Connelly, who plays Noah’s wife; and Emma Watson as his adopted daughter. There are also Noah’s three heart-stopping sons, whom we witness evolving from innocence to self-knowledge as they question their father’s authority.

With all this to say, Noah is a film of art and should not be taken literally. Regardless of the harsh criticism from religious experts, Noah is a film that should not be compared to the Bible. While Noah incorporates both creation and evolution theories without clearly distinguishing between the two, those who expected the story of Noah strictly from the Bible will most likely result in the criticism and harsh words about this movie.

– Andrew Freeman, Contributing Writer


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