Career Services prepares students for outside the Bubble

MC-Career-Services-New-LogoWalking into room 314C in Nelson Hall, students are greeted with smiles and a lot of information.  Career Services has all the answers for students’ resumes, internships, job applications, and major and minor questions.

This is the campus hub for any help and information about facing the future world outside of the “Bubble.” Their slogan: explore, focus, prepare, and experience, perfectly defines the services the office provides and is highlighted on every pamphlet in the room.

With graduation right around the corner, Jennifer McGill, the director of Career Services, had some advice for outgoing seniors and for students working toward their own graduation.

McGill’s main advice for graduating seniors: “Keep your mind open to opportunities that come your way. Don’t feel like you are better than an opportunity.”

She emphasizes staying open to the fact that you aren’t the only one graduating. You are competing with a lot of people so take any opportunity to better build your future career.

McGill’s job involves helping all MC students that come her way.  Her own personal motto was, “To develop and polish students so that when they leave this campus they are able to articulate what they want to do in their life.”

McGill and her staff strive to make your Career Service visit more than just a placement program, but an outlet to discover your potential.

“My whole why I am here is seeing a student’s potential and then helping them realize their potential,” said McGill.

The Career Services office provides a four-year guide for all students of MC.  The guide highlights a step-by-step program to success, starting freshmen year.  On this program, sophomore year is indicated as the time when you should “discuss your career options with Career Services.”

McGill said that college campuses are focusing more on sophomores and getting them on the right track early in their college career.

MC senior Michelle Ladner said she went for her first Career Services visit during her sophomore year when she was having a break down about what major to claim.

The experience “was kind of like talking to mom,” said Ladner. She felt that the staff had a calming affect on her as a frantic student.

Ladner went back her senior year to get her resume and purpose letters proofread.  “I have never had to send out a purpose letter,” she said, and having the staff’s help made a difference for Ladner.

This coming summer Ladner will be living in Washington D.C. and working for Senator Wicker and Congressman Palazzo.  Afterward she hopes to get a Masters in International Policy and pursue a job in politics.

Career Services is a free opportunity for the students of MC to better prepare themselves for their future. In addition to polishing students’ resumes, McGill hopes to help students realize that he or she is “not only a Christian, but a Christian who is going into the world and into the marketplace.”

McGill is passionate about her job.  She said her favorite part is “knowing that I get to play a small part in the success of a student, not just in their three or four years here, but also what that looks like afterward.”

Career Services is a place for students to figure out what happens after the “Bubble,” and is a resource for job opportunities. Jennifer McGill and her staff are here to help students achieve their goals and pursue their own individual career paths. They urge you to go and make your appointment today.

– Sarah Bryan, Contributing Writer


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