Death at a young age

September 10, 1992, a little girl was born. She was born into a large and loving family. Her name was given to her by the matriarch of the family. Joy and happiness is what she provided for her mom and whole family. They loved their daughter, granddaughter, niece, and cousin.  This little girl was overjoyed with her surroundings.

As life kept moving, she was joined by four younger siblings. They were the light of her life. She enjoyed playing with them, teaching them, and all in all loving them.  They adored her in return.  Now in middle school, life was still good for her. She was a first-class student, and teachers were thrilled to have her in their classrooms. Kids in school all wanted to be her friend. All coaches wanted her on their teams. This girl was in high demand.

In her eyes, she was living the life. Her mom was the best mom ever. Her younger siblings got on her nerves from time to time, but she loved them more than anything. She was on top at school and in sports. All that made her love her life.

This now teenager heading into high school thought all was well. For her, it was. Unlike most teenagers, she was not arguing with her mom everyday about freedom. Her mom trusted her and for good reason. She never did anything to betray that trust. She was someone you could put your trust in.

Still an athlete, she was well known around the school. This got her many invitations to all the high school parties. At these parties, she was not one to be drinking, doing drugs, or hooking up with boys. She was cut from a different cloth than your regular high school student.

In her mind and others, she was a good person.  She had all she thought she needed in life: family, friends, and sports. She thought life could not get better. Then one day, this girl heard about this Dude.

They told her that this Dude could save her life. That He can forgive her of all her sins. That He can also give her joy, peace, and happiness. This all confused her because in her mind, her life was good: her life did not need saving.

Joy, peace, and happiness she got from family, friends, and basketball. She was a good person. Everyone thought so. Then, they told her the differences between the places where good people lived eternally and where saved people lived eternally. That is the day she started thinking about death at an early age.

In her mind, this dude Jesus lived His life for her. He even suffered a horrible death and raised three days later defeating death all for her. She came to the conclusion that her life did not belong to her. It did not belong to her family, no matter how much they loved her and she loved them.

It did not belong to her friend, no matter how close and alike in all the right areas they were. It did not belong to basketball, no matter how identified by it she felt. Always a fair person, she saw that Jesus paid for her life, so it belonged to Him.

She died September 26, 2006. See, she wanted to die. Her family and friends thought she was too young; however, in her mind the earlier the better. At the age of 14, she died willingly and happily.

Even though she was born September 10, 1992, she was not given life till 14 years later. This girl realized after some and before most at the age of 14 the meaning of 2 Corinthians 5:17, which states, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

She saw that she had to die to her “good” way of living and start living a saved, redeemed, and reborn, justified my Christ life. She understood that no family member, friend, or sport could do for her what God did for her by sending His Son Jesus to save her. Realize it like she did, and die as soon as possible. Honestly, how old do you want to be when you are finally able to live?

– Bianca Maiden, Contributing Writer


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