Jazz Band to perform this week

The Mississippi College Jazz Band Concert will perform at the Jean Pittman Williams Recital Hall in Aven Fine Arts Building on April 14, at 8 p.m. The performances will consist of ensemble jazz playing and improvisation.

The group consists of five saxophones, three trumpets, one bassoon, one guitar, one bass, one piano, and two purcussion sets. All members are current MC students.

Their concerts present music of all periods from the Big Band Era to the present and jazz music from classic to modern.

Director Wayne Linehansaid, “It is an end-of-semester concert performance. It helps students to relax.” Linehan is a trumpet player himself and plays Second Trumpet with the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra.

The event is sponsored by MC. The concert is free and open to everyone; students are encouraged to attend.

Craig Young, director of band activities at MC, is the head of the instrumental music department. He also teaches several classes at MC such as Symphonic Winds, Instrumental Music Education in Junior and Senior High School, and Instrumental (Band) Literature. He has visited 46 different states and several countries through his musical activities.

Young said, “The performances have been performed for the last 25 years. This year, it will not be too different. There will be an hour of performances as usual.” Young mentioned that MC has a couple of concerts each year, and the Jazz Band Concert is the second concert for this semester.

The Jazz Band concert is the school group that performs this semester. The group’s 14 members include Ian Wilson, Allison Forst, William Gortowski on saxophone; Hunter Lynch, Courtney Morgan, Sichey Harper on trumpet; Jonathon Cason on the string bass; and Kirk Hensley on drums. Many of these students are instrumental education majors.

Although the format of the concert has remained largely unchanged over the past 25 years, the members are different every year as students go through MC. Young said, “The group changes every year, just like the school changes. People graduating, people coming and going….”

Young said the MC band concert will be continue each year for students and faculty.The band welcomes people who want to come enjoy and relax towards the end of a busy semester, and they can also get to know more about musical instruments. Even for students who are not music majors, they can still appreciate the chance to wind down in a relaxed concert setting.

This performance will bring wonderful music toMC.Anyone who enjoys music is invited to see instrumental music performances on campus for free.For more information, contact Craig Young of the Music Department at cyoung@mc.edu.

– XiaoXian Ni, Contributing Writer


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