Mississippi College to keep university name for foreseeable future

The recent discussion amongst Mississippi College administration this year has been whether to change the name of the university or to keep the current MC title. The idea stemmed from misconceptions about MC being a two-year college and the connotation that the name advertised to out-of-state and international prospective students.

Mississippi College has chosen to stay with the current title of the school and forego a name change.

However, the school has decided that altering the name may not benefit the university enough to justify the change. Therefore, the name ‘Mississippi College’ still stands.

According to Jim Turcotte, the vice-president of Student Affairs at MC, the university hired a marketing firm specializing in higher education called STAMATS to help oversee the name- change process.

The opinions of those involved with MC were also taken into account.

“We had meetings with the President’s Council, Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, local leaders and Trustees,” said Turcotte via email.

These discussions focused mainly on how to incorporate the word “university” into the name, but also allowed individuals to offer their thoughts on the issue as a whole.

“The conversations in each group turned to a larger question of the strategic direction of the college and their vision of where we are headed,” said Turcotte. “The general consensus is that our view of the direction of the college is compelling and any name change would grow out of that vision.”

Turcotte also added that any reasons for changing the name of the university need to line up with this vision, and that the course of the school should naturally compel a name change, rather than forcing one upon the university.

“Perhaps our focus on the long term vision will make changing our name more obvious sometime in the future,” he said.

“This particular exercise reminded all of us that Mississippi College is much more than a name,” Turcotte said. “We are very pleased with the comments that we heard and the future of the college looks very bright. We are not yet ready to put this matter to rest though, but for now we remain fully committed to our current name.”

Once the discussion comes to an end, the question that may still be on students’ minds is how much the university has spent on the name change process.

Mississippi College president Lee Royce will present the issue before the Board of Trustees on Apr. 17 and will also review the matter with the executive committee of the board at a later date.

– Abbie Walker, News Editor


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